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a headstart on site improvements

Craven Country Jamboree Announces

A Head Start to Site Improvements

Regina, SK  October 15, 2010
With a wet spring and summer behind, organizers of the Craven Country Jamboree are looking ahead to the 2011 show and are taking a critical look at the festival site.

"2010 was an unusually wet year, with over 36 total inches of rain falling on the site when the norm is 15 to 20 inches including snow," said Ken Taylor, General Manager. "That being said, we know we need to focus some attention and money into our campground area."

The Plan

The first priority is the road system. Although over 200 loads of fill and gravel were spread on the roads before and during the 2010 show, the roads took a heavy beating with the constant heavy traffic and the gravel was quickly displaced contributing to the road breakdown.

Site staff have been pumping water off the site since the show in July and now turn their attention to reinforcing the roads. Trucks began running on Thursday, October 14 bringing in close to 200 loads of fill and gravel. A geotextile will be laid on strategic pieces of roadways to help develop a durable base.

Geotextiles are crucial to current road and pavement construction, especially in areas with drainage issues. The geotextile will help to displace heavy weights that travel over the road to ensure the gravel remains on top of the road and does not sink into the roadbed.

In addition, the bridge connecting the family camping area (Silver F) with the rest of the camping area will be professionally examined and staff will make necessary changes to ensure the bridge is able to carry additional traffic.

"We think the geotextile will help to preserve our roads," said Taylor. "It's difficult to improve drainage on a piece of land that was, in some places, close to 40 inches below the creek level this year with all this rain. But, besides all the work we plan for the site, we will work closely with the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority and other government departments to lower the creek level before the event. We want people to know that we are doing our best to ensure our camping areas are viable."

Planned site improvements will help to improve traffic flow both on and off the festival site. Another traffic improvement will include the creation of a true express lane for returning traffic later in the week.
Don't Forget
Two new reserved camping areas were added for the 2011 show and there are still spots available.

As well, tickets are still available at the unbelievably low price of $149. A lineup announcement is coming soon, so buy your tickets today before the price increases!

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