News Detailfriday 1st july 2011

gopher run!

This year we are offering a chair check service so you can check your chairs overnight and not have to bring them every morning with you. It will cost $2.00 per chair per use, with the proceeds going to charity. The chair check will open on Thursday (time TBD) and will be open 8am - 12am every day after. The free buses will start running starting at 8 am from the campgrounds and will drop you off in at the east end of main street. Please go get your chairs from chair check before lining up and when doing so please be respectful of eachother and the folks who run the chair check. The gopher run will be held in the same area as always. NO LINING UP BEFORE 9AM! This rule will be very strictly enforced this year, both by security and Craven Country Jamboree staff. Security will hand out the 3000 wristbands, after which the remaining patrons that did not receive one can carry on. The lucky ones with the wristbands will be asked to kindly wait until the gate opens so they can go and place their chairs. Once chairs are placed, you must leave and come back at 12 pm when the gates officially open. After the shows are done for the night you may check your chair and carry on with your evening.

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