1. When do the gates officially open?

    In 2016, the gates open on Tuesday July 12th at 9:00 a.m. 

  2. How long are the gates open each day?

    The gates are open from 9am to 10 pm daily. Anyone coming in with a camper after dark will be asked to park in a special marshaling area until the gates open the next day. We do this to ensure the safety of our patrons.

    Patrons coming to the site in a vehicle (without a camper) or on foot who have the proper credentials (wristbands and camping passes) will be allowed entrance to the site by security at the front gate.

    Please note that the exit gate is open 24 hours for anyone wishing to leave the site.


  1. What happens if I break or lose my wristband? Can I get another one?

    Unfortunately no. We do not replace lost or broken wristbands. Please be careful with your wristband as you will not be allowed anywhere on site without one. 
  2. I purchased tickets but now am unable to attend the event. Can I return them for a refund?

    No, sorry. We do not offer refunds on purchases of tickets or camping. 

  3. Are Day Passes Available?

    We do not sell day passes. We only sell weekend passes.

  4. I lost my ticket! Will you send me another one?

    Unfortunately, no. Our policy is very clear - we do not replace lost, stolen, or destroyed tickets. If you lose your ticket and wish to get into the show, you must purchase another ticket.

  5. Why do you only accept coupons for food and drink?

    The Craven Country Jamboree went to a coupon system in order to service our patrons more quickly and efficiently.
  6. Are pets allowed?

    Pets are welcome as long as they are confined to your campsite, but they are NOT allowed on Main Street, in the beer gardens, or in the main concert area. Please keep pets leashed at all times. The Craven Country Jamboree LLC. will not be held responsible for any injuries or damage your pet may cause to others or their property.
  7. What services are available?

    We offer the same services that you would find in a small city. That includes ATM machines, food and drink vendors, medical and police services, and bathroom and shower facilities.
  8. Can I buy a t-shirt from my favourite artist at the festival?

    Yes, we offer an artist merchandise booth right in the main concert area. Check at the Information booth or your souvenir program for location.
  9. Are minors allowed in the beer gardens?

    Sorry, no minors are allowed in the beer gardens. The legal drinking age in Saskatchewan is 19 and identification will be checked at the entrance.
  10. Can I take a backpack or cooler with me to the main stage to watch the performers.

    Yes, you are allowed to bring backpacks or coolers. HOWEVER, any bag coming into the main stage area is subject to search. Please note that outside liquor is not allowed and WILL be confiscated. Other items not allowed include:
    video and audio recording devices
    glass containers of any type

  11. How good is the cell phone coverage?

    SaskTel, one of the sponsors of the festival, erects a temporary cell tower each year and in 2010, SaskTel erected a permanent 4G tower. This has dramatically improved the quality of the cell phone service here in the Qu'Appelle Valley. However, once the festival is underway and the thousands of fans are all on site, the cell coverage can be diminished as people try to use their phones at the same time.

  12. Why don't you allow more standing room nearer to the stage?

    We try to accommodate all of our fans, and we are one of the few festivals that does not offer reserved seating and offers standing room near the stage. Many fans choose to come and enjoy the entertainment all day long, and therefore appreciate having a space to sit during the day. We also offer a standing area for our fans who prefer to stand. We find that because this area does not fill up until the final two acts of the evening on each day, we do not allocate more space for standing room. If we found that the area was full all day long, we would investigate the option of providing more standing room.
  13. Do I have to carry identification even if I get an age verified wristband?

    Yes, you must carry picture identification with you at all times, as you may be asked for it in EVERY licensed venue. This includes the main stage area, beer gardens, and lounge. Please note, even if you receive an age verified wristband, you may still be asked to produce identification at any time.
  14. Do you support non-profit organizations?

    Yes, over the past four years we have provided close to one million dollars to non-profit organizations. For example, in 2007, we supported 25 non-profit organizations.
  15. Why does it take so long to confirm which bands are going to be playing the festival?

    Unfortunately due to the fact that negotiations are becoming more complex between artists, promoters, and artist management, sometimes more time is needed. Though we are trying to book acts for the following year even before the previous show ends, negotiations often take months and depend on an artist's schedule, his or her intention to tour that year, sometimes whether or not the artist is interested in playing outdoor festivals, whether they wish to travel to Canada and so on. We announce our line up just as soon as we have the acts confirmed and have permission to release their names. This usually happens in November of each year.
  16. How expensive are the headline acts?

    The cost of a headlining act has increased dramatically over the past few years. A festival can now pay as high as $350,000 US to $1 million US for a headline act to play for 75 minutes.
  17. I saw a photo on your web site that I am in. What do I get for being in that photo?

    You get our thanks and appreciation for helping us to promote the festival in a positive way. There are no better photos than fans having a great time, and we are excited to use any photo that we get to help encourage more people to come to our festival.

    Here is our official photography policy:
    By purchasing a ticket and entering the festival site, you hereby give your permission for the Craven Country Jamboree Ltd. To use your likeness (both in still and in video) for promotional purposes.

    Please note that we do not sell any festival photos for profit, we only use photos to help promote the Craven Country Jamboree.

  18. Is there Will Call onsite?

    Yes,  Will Call will open on Wednesday at 10am. 

  19. Can I bring fireworks to the festival?

    NO. Fireworks are strictly prohibited on the festival site. Please note: possession of fireworks is grounds for eviction. 
  20. Do you have a disabled seating area? How do I get to it?

    We do offer a disabled seating area to the right of the stage (if you are looking at the stage). Out of respect for limited amount of space available, we invite disabled fans and one attendent to use this viewing area.

    To access this area, you do not have to enter through the main entrance. Look for the Gopher Run entrance and access the concert area using that road. You will pass through the fence and can walk up the road towards the backstage area. A security guard will allow you to pass and direct you to the disabled seating area.

  21. How many porta-potties do you have on site? How often are they cleaned?

    During the festival, we have close to 300 port-a-potties on site. This does not include the flush toilets on Main Street or in the Gold Camping area. These port-a-potties are cleaned an average of 3.5 times per day. This may very depending on the weather and the mud in the camping area, but is usually accomplished with all the port-a-potties throughout the weekend. 
  22. I'm bringing a family member who has trouble walking. Is there a service to get them to the disabled seating area?

    Unfortunately no. Though we welcome everyone to the Craven Country Jamboree, it is an outdoor festival and weather sometimes is an issue. Though our SGI saferide bus does drop people quite close to the action, some walking is required. If you are unable to walk, you are welcome to bring a wheelchair or a medical scooter (no golf carts please) to get around. Again, the festival site is large and is not paved, so please keep this in mind as you are planning your visit.

  23. What does an EVP entitle me to?

    An EVP (or extra vehicle pass) allows you the ability to park an additional vehicle on a campsite, this is limited to car, van, SUV, truck or motorcycle and does not include a camping unit. 

  24. What is considered a camping unit?

    We consider the following to be camping units:


    5th wheel

    Trailer (including U-haul type) 

    Tent traler


    Camper van


    Truck box camper


  1. What is allowed on a tent site

    These special tenting sites allow access for just one vehicle and a tent. Please be advised, if you attempt to park a camping unit on one of these sites, you will be turned away. 

  2. Can I bring furniture into the campgrounds?

    Jamboree staff asks that you do not bring furniture in when coming to camp. This includes couches, armchairs etc. Any furniture brought in will be thrown into the garbage bins at the front gate. 

  3. Are the campsites serviced?

    Although the campsites are not serviced, we do have water and sewer trucks available to provide water and/or to pump sewage for a nominal fee. 
  4. I have a camper and a tent. Can I put both on my reserved campsite?

    Reserved campsites are approximately 20 feet wide by 40 feet long which is the size of a standard trailer. You are welcome to put ONE trailer and a tent on the site if it fits without encroaching on your neighbour's site. 
  5. I have a disability. Do you provide disabled camping and parking?

    We do offer a limited amount of disabled campsites and a parking area, provided that you have the proper documentation for your vehicle. The spots are first come-first served, so please plan to come early if you are camping.

  6. What are the rules of the campground?

    Camping passes must be clearly displayed on the vehicle at all times.

    Campsites must be kept clean. Garbage bags and disposal bins are available for your convenience. Please use them.

    Please keep all valuables locked up in your vehicle or camping unit (not in tents!). Craven Country Jamboree Ltd. is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

    We ask that campers bring their common sense with them to our campgrounds. The following are NOT allowed:
    • Open flames (gas barbeques are fine), which includes citronella torches;
    • Glass containers of any kind
    • Structures - anything you bring to our campground should be taken home with you.
    • All terrain vehicles, golf carts, dirt bikes, bicycles.
    • For more camping rules, please visit our camping page.
    • No drones
  7. Can you drive in the campgrounds?

    Personal vehicle traffic is restricted once a campsite is selected. We do not allow cruising on the campground roads to help protect the thousands of pedestrians who use the road each day. The festival site is considered public property so the same rules that apply on any other roadway apply here.


  8. Can you be evicted from your campsite?

    Yes, you can be evicted from your campsite. Excess noise, garbage filled campsite, no wristband (or the wrong wristband), consuming alcohol on the road-ways or in other restricted places, lewd behaviour, are all grounds for eviction. Violating any or all of the rules will result in your being escorted to the front gate and your wristband removed. Please take the time to read the signs posted in the campground.
  9. Can I walk with an alcoholic drink from one campsite to another?

    All alcohol MUST be confined to your campsite. The roads in the campground are considered public and are therefore subject to the same laws as any public road in Saskatchewan. That means it is ILLEGAL to walk on a public roadway with open alcohol.

  10. What is the curfew in the Quiet camping area?

    The curfew in the Quiet area is 12 midnight. Please respect your neighbours by turning off loud music and generators. The curfew in all other areas is 3 am.

  11. I am dropping off a camper for a family member/friend before the festival begins. Do I need a wristband to get onto the site?

    The gates officially open Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 at 9:00a.m. and remain open each day until approximately 10 p.m. Only patrons with valid tickets and camping passes will be allowed access to the campgrounds. Anyone coming onto the site MUST wear a valid wristband, no exceptions. 

    If you are dropping off a camper for someone else, you may only come on Tuesday to do so and, please ensure you have the patrons camping pass and ticket with you.


  12. I have a Gold camping pass. Can I enter the site from the cement bridge entrance?

    All vehicle traffic must enter the site through the front gate entrance. There will be no exceptions. The cement bridge entrance is reserved for pedestrian traffic, service vehicles, emergency vehicles and Craven Country Jamboree buses. Traffic on this bridge must be kept to a minimum for the safety of all guests.

  13. I've seen the new propane fire pits. Can I use one in the campground?

    Propane fire pits are considered open flames and are not allowed on the festival site. If you bring one to the Craven Country Jamboree, it will be confiscated.

  14. If I purchased a reserved campsite and sell it, am I still eligible to renew for the next year?

    Please be aware, if you purchased a reserved campsite and sell it, you will not be eligible to renew that site for the next year's show. The purchaser, because they did not aquire the camping pass through Craven Country Jamboree, will not be eligible to renew either.


  1. What is the gopher-run?

     The Craven Country Jamboree is one of the only remaining festivals in North America that provides a first-come, first-served general seating area that are, without a doubt, the best seats in the house. We use a line-up process for people who want to set up their lawn chairs close to the stage. The gopher-run is the term we use for that line-up of people. Please see the Gopher-Run section on the rules page on our web site for rules and information.

  2. Can you stand in the gopher run area?

    While most people choose to sit in this area, it is still like any other concert venue. You may choose to stand for any of the performances.
  3. Do you limit the number of people in the Gopher run line?

    Yes, we will limit the number of people in the Gopher Run line to 3,000. Wristbands will be provided and once the wristbands are handed out, the Gopher Run line will be closed and any remaining people in line will be asked to return to the main entrance when the main stage opens at noon.

     Please note that the same size seating area will be available in the Main Stage area, so people not able to get access to the Gopher Run line will still be able to set up lawn chairs in the seating area until that area is full.

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