How accurate is the Winkel tripel projection?

How accurate is the Winkel tripel projection?

Uses: The Winkel Tripel is a compromise projection that is neither conformal nor equivalent. While just about every point in a Winkel Tripel map suffers from a small amount of each possible type of distortion, just about no point in such a map suffers from major distortions of any kind.

When was the Winkel Tripel made?

The Winkel tripel world projection is an example. It was constructed in 1921 by a German cartographer named Oswald Winkel (Kimerling et al., 2009).

What are Winkel projection maps used for?

A compromise projection used for world maps that averages the coordinates from the equirectangular (equidistant cylindrical) and Aitoff projections.

Who uses Winkel tripel projection?

The projection is known to have one of the lowest mean scale and area distortions among compromise projections for small-scale mapping. It has been used by the National Geographic Society since 1998 for general world maps. The Winkel Tripel projection was introduced by Oswald Winkel in 1921.

Why are all maps wrong?

All maps lie. Maps and globes, like speeches or paintings, are authored by humans and are subject to distortions. These distortions can occur through alterations to scale, symbols, projection, simplification, and choices around the map’s content.

What is the Winkel tripel projection good for?

The Winkel tripel projection is widely used for world maps. It was proposed by Oswald Winkel in 1921, and it attempts to minimize three kinds of distortion: area, direction, and distance. In 1998, this projection was adopted by the National Geographic Society as the standard projection for world maps.

Why are most world maps wrong?

Because the Earth is round, the shortest route from one place to another is a path along a circle. If we draw this route on a flat map, it passes through every line of longitude at a different angle. Any slight error would land you in the wrong place. In 1569, Gerardus Mercator fixed this problem.

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