How are thread inserts measured?

How are thread inserts measured?

Modern threaded plastic inserts are stipulated by a measurement of the outer diameter (OD), which is measured over the pipe thread in the case of a male pipe. To be sure that the pipe thread will match, threads per inch (TPI) are also measured. The inner diameter (ID) is sometimes used when buying PVC pipes.

What size drill bit do you need for a 10 mm HeliCoil?


Insert Size Drill Size Screw Thread Insert Length
M10 x 1.0 10.30 10.00
M10 x 1.25 10.30 10.00
M10 x 1.5 10.30 10.00

How deep should a HeliCoil go?

Pro Tip – The proper installation depth of a HeliCoil insert is ¼-1/2 turn below the top of the original hole.

  1. Remove the fastener from the hole.
  2. Using the correct size drill bit for the insert, drill out the hole.
  3. Thread the new hole with the correct tap for the size of insert you have.

How are helicoils sizes?

The coarse set contains five sizes: 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2 and 5/8. The fine set has size sizes: #10, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16 and 1/2. Each set has a drill, tap, installation tool, a quantity of inserts for each size and complete instructions.

Can you put 2 helicoils in the same hole?

Re: Stacking Helicoils That way the last one you installed should be setting ok and not trying to climb up on the first one. You’re first using the STI tap, so both helicoils will be ligned up thread wise. You’ll have to lock-tite them in so they stay put. Then just remove the tangs.

How big is the drill size for helicoil?

Sitemap Insert Size Drill Size Wire Thread Insert Length Wire Thread Insert Length Wire Thread Insert Length Insert Size Drill Size 1D 1.5D 3D 2-56 2.3 mm 0.086 0.129 0.258 3-48 2.7 mm 0.099 0.148 0.297

What is the dimension of a helicoil tap?

The calculation for Dimension “H” is: H is equal to insert nominal length +1 Pitch. The tapped hole must be held within the stated pitch diameter limits for the required class of fit for the installed Heli-Coil insert.

What are the specifications for a helicoil insert?

Dry Film Lubricant and/or the Cadmium plating are called out in NAS1130, NASM21209, NA0276, MA3280, MA3281, MA3330, and MA3331. Any other coatings or platings will deviate from these specifications. Max. All dimensions for unified sizes are in inches. Max. Nominal length is a calculated number and cannot be measured in the free state.

What should the reading be on a helicoil coilthread?

On average (of 6 readings). No single reading to be less than 0.0002 or greater than 0.0007. All non-plated KATO Locking CoilThread inserts (Tangless and tanged) are dyed red for identification in accordance with NAS1130, NA0276, and NASM21209.

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