How many Sri Lankans died in 2004 tsunami?

How many Sri Lankans died in 2004 tsunami?

On January 3, 2005, Sri Lankan authorities reported 30,000+ confirmed deaths. Many of the dead were adults and the elderly….Effect of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake on Sri Lanka.

Red Cross volunteers removes corpse from the shore
UTC time 2004-12-26 00:58:53
Casualties 31,229 confirmed dead, 4,093 missing, 21,411 injured

Was Sri Lanka prepared for the 2004 tsunami?

When the devastating tsunami waves struck the coastal state of Sri Lanka on December 26, 2004, the island’s 21 million inhabitants were ill prepared. Until the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, disaster preparedness was never a priority for Sri Lankan policymakers.

Has a tsunami ever hit Sri Lanka?

December 26, 2004 +1.5 hours: Beaches in southern Thailand are hit by the tsunami. Among the 5,400 who died were 2,000 foreign tourists. +2 hours: The tsunami strikes the Sri Lankan coastline from the northeast and all around the southern tip; more than 30,000 people are dead or missing.

When did tsunami come to Sri Lanka?

On 26 December 2004, Sri Lanka became a victim of the Indian Ocean Tsunami. It caused widespread destruction around the coastal belts of countries close to Indonesia, where the earthquake which triggered the tidal wave took place. In Sri Lanka, more than 35,000 people lost their lives and thousands were left homeless.

Where did the tsunami hit in Sri Lanka?

An aerial view of Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, shows a debris-littered landscape after a tsunami swept the coastline on December 26, 2004. The devastating tsunami, triggered by the underwater Sumatra-Andaman earthquake in Indonesia, hit coastal areas throughout the Indian Ocean.

Where did the tsunami from the 2004 Sumatra earthquake go?

One, the distant tsunami, propagates outbound across the Bay of Bengal towards India and Sri Lanka, eventually reaching the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The other, the local tsunami, travelled towards Indonesia, Thailand, and nearby islands in less than an hour. Schematic diagram of tsunami generation from an inter-plate thrust fault.

When was the tsunami in the Indian Ocean?

The Indian Ocean tsunami in December 2004 struck without warning and killed thousands. See photos of the devastating destruction left in its wake. The Lambda variant is spreading fast. Here’s what we know.

Where was the tsunami hardest hit in the world?

The tsunami was observed worldwide. Hardest hit were Sumatra (death toll greater than 170,000), Sri Lanka (death toll greater than 31,000), Thailand, and India.

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