Is Cartini knife good?

Is Cartini knife good?

This knife is really good. I could even cut tomatoes with it which it tough to cut without serrated edges. It’s quite balanced, the steel quality is top-notch I only bought this knife because I’ve used another cartini before and that has lasted me over 3 years without having to sharpen it.

What is Cartini knife?

Godrej Cartini Creative Kitchen Knives set (including Paring knife, Easy chopping knife, and Fine dicing knife) are engineered for slicing, chopping vegetables, and all cutting applications in the kitchen. The taper ground sharp blade of the knife ensures effortless cutting.

Is my knife 15 or 20 degrees?

A. The best way to tell is by asking the manufacturer of the knife. As a general guide, European/American knives manufactured before 2010 have 20 degree edges while Asian style knives have 15 degree edges. However, there are exceptions to this rule of thumb.

What santoku knife should I buy?

The Best Santoku Knife for the Most Delicate, Precise Knife Work

  • The Best Santoku Knife for the Money: Mac Knife Superior. Like the Mac chef’s knife, the santoku knife is extremely sharp and well-priced at $75.
  • The Best Luxe Santoku Knife: Misono UX10.
  • The Best Inexpensive Santoku Knife: Victorinox Fibrox Pro.

Who is the creator of the cartini blade?

Our products showcase cutting-edge design, a fine quality blade and the highest level of durability. Shape your imagination perfectly with the right tool. Copyrights 2016 © GodrejCartini. All Rights Reserved.

How is mortise door handle segment at Godrej evolved?

A transformational change significantly alters the profile, silhouettes and ethos of any brand. Here is how Mortise Door Handle Product Segment (MDHPS) at Godrej evolved and grew out of its conventional mould to become a part of a brighter tomorrow.

Which is the most famous brand of Godrej?

Godrej has been always proud of its pioneering and innovative spirit which has, over the years, given birth to various brands. The SS Fort Stikine: a freighter stood tall and silent in Bombay’s Victoria docks.

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