What gems to put on sharla?

What gems to put on sharla?

Recovery Up, Ether Up, and HP up are all good gems for boosting her support, and Electric Plus is essential for maximizing the effect of Thunder Bullet.

Does Sharla use ether?

Sharla is a 21-year-old resident of Colony 6 and a talented sharp shooter. She wields a rifle that uses ether energy, which she uses to great effect for defensive and healing purposes. Sharla lives in Colony 6 with her younger brother Juju.

What are the best gems for shulk?

Back Attack is good for Shulk, and the various Stealth gems are good for Shulk, Sharla and Melia. Ether Up for Sharla and Melia. If you’re using Riki for damage over time skills, Ether Up and any of the Bleed, Blaze, Chill or Poison Plus series are good.

What is ether defense?

Ether Defence is a stat which reduces the amount of damage received from ether attacks.

What is ether damage?

Ether is a stat in Xenoblade Chronicles for all playable characters and enemies. This stat affects the amount of damage done by a character’s ether-based arts. Higher ether stats result in higher damage output from the ether arts. Ether, like Strength, can be raised through skills, gems, arts buffs, and leveling up.

What is shulk’s best weapon?

Top 3 Shulk Weapons

  • Monado Abyss.
  • Replica Monado.
  • Monado Rudra.

What does Sharla like Xenoblade?

Best Gifts for Sharla

Collectable Affinity Points Area
Sour Gooseberry 24 Bionis’ Leg
Fire Apple 22 Valak Mountain
Spicy Nut 18 Frontier Village
Bright Fig 18 Tephra Cave

Where do you get weapons in the Xenoblade Chronicles?

Weapons can be dropped by enemies, earned from quests, bought or sold at shops, or received through trading with NPCs. Each character can use only one distinct type of weapon which is exclusive to that character. For example, Reyn uses gunlances; he cannot use any other type of weapon, nor can gunlances be used by anyone else.

Why does Sharla have the longest range in Xenoblade?

Due to using a rifle, Sharla’s auto-attacks and arts have the longest range in the party, albeit having low damage output. Moreover, after a certain amount of arts have been used, Sharla will need to Cool Off, which makes her unable to move during its animation and erases her active auras.

What kind of weapon does Sharla use in battle?

In battle, Sharla acts mainly a healer. She uses a rifle as a weapon, with a big focus on Ether -based arts. Due to using a rifle, Sharla’s auto-attacks and arts have the longest range in the party, albeit having low damage output.

Who was Sharla supposed to marry in Xenoblade?

Sharla was due to marry a member of Colony 6’s Defence Force named Gadolt. Unfortunately, the Mechon attacked, led by Xord, and destroyed Colony 6, decimating its population. Sharla and Juju were tasked with helping the young and elderly flee the Colony.

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