What is a sync matrix army?

What is a sync matrix army?

Dynamic Synchronization Matrix: an automated decision support tool for the campaign planning staff. Author. Donohue, Kevin S. Abstract. Synchronization, “the ability to focus resources and activities in time and space to produce maximum relative combat power at the decisive point,” is a tenet of US Army doctrine.

What is the HR synchronization matrix for?

The synchronization matrix is a tool the staff uses to record the results of war-gaming and helps them synchronize a course of action across time, space, and purpose in relationship to potential enemy and civil actions.

What are the five 5 screening criteria for course of actions COAs must meet?

There are five fundamental issues that must be considered when developing COAs. A valid COA should be suitable, feasible, acceptable, distinguishable and complete [1]. A COA is suitable if it is in alignment with commander’s intent and will accomplish the mission when carried out successfully.

How many steps are in a mission analysis?

four steps
There are four steps in the Command Estimate Process: 1) Mission Analysis 2) Course of Action (COA) Development 3) Course of Action Analysis and Comparison 4)Decision and Execution. In Mission Analysis, the commander and staff receive the mission brief and OPORD/OPLAN/FRAGO from higher.

What is a synch matrix?

Research and experience tell emergency managers that coordinated, integrated and synchronized preparedness planning leads to successful emergency response. Just like other planning processes, the disaster dimensions of time, space, and hazard characteristics guide the Sync Matrix effort. …

Is IPB part of Mdmp?

IPB embedded into the Mititary Decision Making Process (MDMP). The products of IPB remain complete and valid and create the correct vision for the commander.

How many steps are in Mdmp?

The MDMP consists of seven steps: receipt of mission, mission analysis, course of action (CO A) development, COA analysis, COA comparison, COA approval, and orders production.

Is it difficult to synchronize an operational unit?

Synchronizing the sustainment of an operational unit is difficult since it encompasses so many different focus areas. Because of the complexity of this subject, sustainment must be looked at holistically and rationally.

Why is logistics synchronization important to Battalion S-4?

Output from the logistics synchronization meeting is meant to provide the battalion S-4 with accurate data to properly analyze the supported unit’s logistics requirements. This synchronization allows the development of running estimates and historical data.

Why is sustainment synchronization important in the military?

In a theater of operations like Iraq or Afghanistan, especially when geographic distances are significant, increased exposure to risk and hastening combat fatigue over the course of a deployment are often common. Two efforts will significantly assist in improving these conditions.

Why are battalion command posts not synchronized?

Most battalion combat train command posts (CTCPs) do not properly synchronize sustainment operations, current and future operations, and regularly scheduled logistics synchronization meetings. They often fail to have the appropriate leaders and staff members attend the meetings.

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