What is AWI quality Certification Program?

What is AWI quality Certification Program?

The AWI’s Quality Certification Program (QCP) is an industry-recognized quality assurance system that design professionals and building owners rely on to validate the skills and abilities of architectural woodworkers.

What are AWI standards?

The AWI Standards remain a definitive reference manual aimed at simplifying and clarifying guidelines, information and principles required for the fabrication, finishing, and installation of architectural woodwork.

How do I get an AWI certification?

Five Steps to QCP Licensing

  1. Apply. To complete the application online, Apply for Licensing here.
  2. Take the Test.
  3. Submit 10 Trade References.
  4. Complete Sample Shop Drawings.
  5. Licensing Inspection.

How much does it cost to be AWI Certified?

Project, License, and Participation Fees

Fee Type AWI Manufacturing Member All Others
License Application $2,000.00 $3,500.00
Annual Participation $1,250.00 $2,650.00
Project 1/2 percent of the total woodwork contract
Project, Minimal Fee $500.00

How big is AWI?

With $937 million in revenue in 2020, AWI has approximately 2,800 employees and a manufacturing network of 15 facilities, plus six facilities dedicated to its WAVE joint venture.

What is architectural woodworking?

Architectural woodworking is a creative process involving the design and build, often by hand, of beautiful structures such as staircases, trims, and ornate moldings.

How do you read cabinet drawings?

For instance, on a kitchen floor plan, you will typically see a base cabinet labeled SB36, B30, 3DB24, and W2442. What the nomenclature above means: SB36 = SB stands for Sink Base and 36 means the cabinet is 36” wide. B30 = B stands for Base and 30 means the cabinet is 30” wide.

What does AWI CH mean?

Association of Workplace Investigators Certificate Holder
Students who achieve passing scores on each assessment receive a certificate and the ability to use the certificate designation of AWI-CH, Association of Workplace Investigators Certificate Holder.

What is Wi certification?

Firms that are licensed by WI have been tested on their knowledge of the standards, and have had multiple projects inspected for both fabrication and installation by WI personnel.

What is the goal of AWI?

While AWI’s mission is to alleviate suffering of nonhuman animals, the principle followed by AWI of compassion and nonviolence applies to human animals as well as nonhuman animals. The Animal Welfare Institute condemns violence directed against all living creatures. There are no exceptions.

What does the AWI do?

The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) promotes the humane treatment of animals through engagement with policy-makers, enforcement authorities, and the public. AWI has programs that focus on farmed animals, animals in research, terrestrial wildlife, marine life, and companion animals.

What does the AWI quality certification program do?

AWI’s Quality Certification Program gives a stamp of approval to professionals in the woodworking industry, ensuring their skills and abilities to clients. It’s that edge you need to validate your work as an architect, specifier, general contractor or architectural woodworker.

What are the AWI standards for architectural woodworking?

The AWI standards are a set of best practices in the architectural woodworking industry. These standards are published by the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) to ensure that woodworkers, design professionals, tradespeople, and general contractors maintain quality across all projects.

Which is the predecessor to the AWI standards?

Architectural Woodwork Standards The predecessor to the suite of AWI Standards, Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS) is the guide for the specification, construction, and installation of interior architectural woodwork.

Where can I get an AWI compliance inspection?

Woodwork compliance inspections can be obtained by the AWI Quality Certification Corporation’s network of independent expert inspectors. The only requirement for a compliance inspection is that the Architectural Woodwork Standards must have been incorporated into project’s construction documents.

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