How do I connect a new dexcom G5 transmitter?

How do I connect a new dexcom G5 transmitter?

The transmitter SN is a series of numbers and/or letters that can be found on the transmitter box label or on the bottom of the transmitter. The app will guide you to enter the SN. After entering the transmitter SN into the app, attach the transmitter to the sensor pod. Pairing can take up to 30 minutes.

How do I connect my iPhone to my dexcom G5 transmitter?

Bluetooth on your iPhone/iPod touch needs to be ON in order for the system to work. Once you insert your sensor and attach your transmitter, your transmitter will connect to your app using Bluetooth. This can take up to 30 minutes. Tap Pair on the pairing request you will receive.

Why is my dexcom G5 not pairing?

Make sure that the dexcom app is updated. Leave the transmitter (gray part) in another room, with your Bluetooth turned off, wait for at least 14 minutes and then turn the Bluetooth back on and try to reconnect the transmitter (this one worked for me) Make sure your devices battery saver is OFF. Restart your device.

Where can dexcom G5 be placed?

The Dexcom G5 sensor is only FDA and EMA (The European Medicines Agency) approved for 7-day wear (I know people who’ll make it last 30-days or more) and only for insertion on the abdomen.

How often do you change dexcom G5 transmitter?

The transmitter battery is good for up to 3 months. Starting 3 weeks before the end the battery life, the receiver will warn the user that the transmitter will soon need to be replaced.

How much are dexcom G5 sensors?

The price for G6 sensors is the same as G5 sensors – $349 per box.

Why is my dexcom transmitter not pairing?

IF you don’t get a pairing request within 5 minutes in Step 6, restart the phone again. Double check all the dexcom transmitters have been deleted from the bluetooth list on the phone. Open the ResetTransmitter app again and see if you get a pairing request within 5 minutes.

How long can you wear dexcom G5 sensor?

Dexcom G5 Hack – Extending sensor life up to 28 days. Place the sensor like you usually would, but put in on the back of the arm (as you would for a Freestyle Libre) – much better numbers.

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