How powerful was a Cray-2 supercomputer?

How powerful was a Cray-2 supercomputer?

The Cray-2 is a supercomputer with four vector processors made by Cray Research starting in 1985. At 1.9 GFLOPS peak performance, it was the fastest machine in the world when it was released, replacing the Cray X-MP in that spot.

How powerful was Cray-2?

The Cray-2 was the world’s fastest computer between 1985 – 1989, capable of 1.9 gigaflops. Like the Cray-1, it was a 64-bit system.

How much memory did a Cray-2 have?

The CRAY-2 Computer System sets the standard for the next generation of supercomputers. It is characterized by a large Common Memory (256 million 64-bit words), four Background Processors, a clock cycle of 4.1 nanoseconds (4.1 billionths of a second) and liquid immersion cooling.

How much did a Cray-2 cost?

Its price? $32 million. “The Cray-2 supercomputer was the fastest computer in the world for a time,” the company wrote in its explanation on how it landed at $32.1 million for a smartphone cost.

What was the most powerful computer in the 90s?

Massive processing: the 1990s The SX-3/44R was announced by NEC Corporation in 1989 and a year later earned the fastest in the world title with a 4 processor model.

How fast is a Cray supercomputer?

Cray-1 clock speed was 12.5 ns (80 Mhz), and almost all the logic was implemented using one type of ECL NAND gate. Instructions were 16 or 32 bits wide, operating on 24-bit addresses and 64-bit integer and floating point numbers.

How much is a Cray supercomputer?

Designer Seymour Cray
Release date 1975
Units sold Over 80
Price US$7.9 million in 1977 (equivalent to $33.7 million in 2020)

Who is the father of super computer?

Seymour Cray
Boris Babayan
Seymour Cray is universally known as the father of supercomputing. This article describes some of Cray’s many contributions to supercomputing as he worked in five different corporate environments from 1951 until his death.

What are the most powerful computers with the fastest processing speed and highest performance?

1. Fugaku (Japan) Jointly developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu, Japan’s Fugaku is the new number one fastest supercomputer in the world.

What is the most powerful computer in the world 2020?

Since June 2020, the Japanese Fugaku is the world’s most powerful supercomputer, reaching initially 415.53 petaFLOPS and 442.01 petaFlops after an update in November 2020 on the LINPACK benchmarks.

What is the smartest computer in the world?

The Japanese supercomputer, Fugaku, is the world’s most powerful.

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