What does Oracle ATG stand for?

What does Oracle ATG stand for?

Art Technology Group (ATG) was an independent Internet technology company specializing in eCommerce software and on-demand optimization applications until its acquisition by Oracle on January 5, 2011. The company is a provider of eCommerce software and related on-demand commerce optimization applications.

What is eCommerce ATG?

Oracle ATG Web Commerce is a cross-channel commerce platform and software application that automates and personalizes the online buying experience. It enables enterprises to provide an online customer experience with merchandising, marketing, content personalization, automated recommendations, and live-help services.

What is pipeline in ATG?

A pipeline is an execution mechanism that allows for modular code execution. ATG Commerce uses pipelines to execute tasks, such as loading an Order , saving an Order , and checking out an Order . The PipelineManager implements the pipeline execution mechanism.

What does an ATG developer do?

It provides a component development environment made up of JavaBeans and JavaServer Pages (JSPs). Developers assemble applications out of component beans (based on standard ATG classes or custom Java classes) by linking them together through configuration files in Nucleus, ATG’s open object framework.

What is the role of ATG developer?

Key Responsibilities : 1 Design and develop large scale eCommerce web applications using JAVA on the Oracle ATG Commerce Platform supporting all phases of the software development life cycle 2 Develop and deliver in ATG Commerce, Droplet development, Personalization, Content Management, Promotions and Scenarios etc 3 …

What is ATG programming?

Programs, software, databases, and related documentation and technical data delivered to U.S. Government customers are “commercial computer software” or “commercial technical data” pursuant to the applicable Federal Acquisition Regulation and agency-specific supplemental regulations. …

What is ATG framework in Java?

All applications described in this guide run on the Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform (the ATG platform), which is a highly customizable, configurable framework for building and supporting Web sites, particularly sites used for e-commerce. The Dynamo Application Framework (DAF) is the base platform layer.

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