What was popular in the 80s Australia?

What was popular in the 80s Australia?

List of top 40 singles for 1980–1989 in Australia

# Title Artist
1. “Locomotion” Kylie Minogue
2. “Dancing in the Dark” Bruce Springsteen
3. “Australiana” Austen Tayshus
4. “Simply Irresistible” Robert Palmer

What was the number one song in Australia in 1980?

List of top 25 singles for 1980 in Australia

# Title weeks at No. 1
1. “I Got You” 8
2. “Turning Japanese” 2
3. “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” 7
4. “Another Brick in the Wall part 2”

What was the one hit wonder of the 1980s?

These artists had only one top 10 hit which charted during 1980-1989. Chart appearances and counts span from 1900-2016 only, so artists who charted from 2016-2020 may be falsely classified as a one hit wonder if they had another hit during this period. Chart appearances include Pop, R&B, Country and Rock.

Are there any one hit wonders in Australia?

More than 100 million views BTW. Australian OHWs are relatively rare as the industry seems to support a second crack if the first hit works (or it did, anyway). One of the things I love about OZ music of the 70s and 80s is that songs LOOK like a novelty hit but are in fact massively important to plenty of careers.

What was the most popular music in Australia in the 1980s?

These were the best charting singles in Australia for the 1980s. The source for this decade is the Kent Music Report, known from 1987 onwards as the Australian Music Report. 1.

Who is the singer of one hit wonders?

Edwyn Collins is a Scotsman musician, producer and record label owner. Fun fact – he has also a book published of his British bird illustrations. This song was featured in the film Empire Records which is a music buff’s delight. Released 25 years ago (!) it starred Liv Tyler and an up and coming Renee Zellweger.

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