When did Spain compete in the 2012 Olympics?

When did Spain compete in the 2012 Olympics?

Spain competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, from 27 July to 12 August 2012.

Why was South Africa banned from the 1964 Olympics?

1964 Summer Olympics – Tokyo, Japan Indonesia and North Korea withdrew after the IOC decision to ban teams that took part in the 1963 Games of the New Emerging Forces and a 3-year violent conflict, the Indonesia–Malaysia confrontation. South Africa was suspended from the Olympics due to its apartheid policies.

How many athletes did Spain send to the Olympics?

The Spanish Olympic Committee ( Spanish: Comité Olímpico Español, COE) selected a team of 278 athletes, 166 men and 112 women, to compete in 23 sports; it was the nation’s sixth-largest team sent to the Olympics, but the smallest since 1988.

Why was Lithuania not invited to the 1936 Olympics?

In 1936, a number of prominent politicians and organizations called for a boycott of the Summer Olympics, while other campaigners called for the games to be relocated. In 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Lithuania was not invited by Germany due to Memelland/Klaipėda region controversy. See Lithuania at the Olympics.

When did Pau Gasol play for Spain in the Olympics?

Marc and Pau playing for Spain at the 2012 Summer Olympics. In 2006, Gasol was named to the Spanish national team for the 2006 FIBA World Championship in Japan as a replacement for NBA-draftee Fran Vázquez. Spain went on to win the gold medal in Japan, as well as at the 2009 FIBA EuroBasket.

Who is the national football team of Spain?

( Birmingham, United States; 27 July 1996) Records for competitive matches only. The Spain Olympic football team (also known as Spain Under-23, or Spain U-23) represents Spain in international football competitions in the Olympic Games.

Who are the Spanish athletes in the Olympics?

Among the nation’s medallists were sailor Marina Alabau in women’s windsurfing, and sprint kayaker Saúl Craviotto, who previously won gold in Beijing. Three athletes won Spain’s first ever Olympic medals in their respective disciplines: triathlete Javier Gómez Noya, slalom kayaker Maialen Chourraut, and freestyle wrestler Maider Unda.

How many swimming events were there at the 2012 Olympics?

The London Aquatics Centre, designed by famed architect Zaha Hadid, hosted the swimming events during the 2012 Summer Olympics. Similar to the program’s format in 2008, swimming featured a total of 34 events (17 each for men and women) including two 10 km open-water marathons.

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