Which one is better IDP or British Council?

Which one is better IDP or British Council?

To be honest, there is no difference in writing the exam through British Council or IDP. The marking criteria are exactly the same in both. The test is valid in countries like Canada, Newzealand, UK, USA and many countries irrespective of whether the test is taken through IDP or BC.

Is British Council easier than IDP?

According to many people, they believe that exams conducted by IDP are easier than the ones conducted by the British Council and hence, this is one reason for them to choose IDP over the British Council.

What is the difference between British Council and IDP?

By and large, there is no major difference in the British Council IELTS and the IDP IELTS, as the exam format and the questions are the same on a particular date of the exam. They also provide professional advice to prepare for the test. They do have the facility to book the test dates either online or manual.

Is British Council good for IELTS?

IELTS exam with British council is a scam After Understanding the test takers profile, they predict if one will take the exam again and screw the score in one of the sections.

How many bands need Canada?

IELTS score for Canada study visa should not be less than 6.0 (overall)….Canada Student Visa IELTS Band Requirements.

Education Level IELTS Score Requirement
Bachelor’s/Diploma/Certificate Courses IELTS: 6/6.5
Post-graduate/Masters Courses IELTS: 6.5 overall with no bands less than 6

Is 2 Months enough to study for IELTS?

Yes, if you are the one who is good at English and know more of the basic things and difficulty level of the test already then it can be enough for you to spend like a month or two months. Generally, 3-4 months training for the English language improvement and IELTS skills will be needed.

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