Who is Cheetahs rugby captain?

Who is Cheetahs rugby captain?

Ruan Pienaar
Free State Cheetahs/Captains

Where do Cheetahs play rugby?

Bloemfontein, South Africa

Where do the Cheetahs rugby team come from?

The Cheetahs was one of the two new franchises that entered the expanded Super 14 competition in 2006, the other being Australia’s Western Force….Cheetahs (rugby union)

Union South African Rugby Union
Emblem(s) Cheetah
Founded 2005
Location Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa
Official website

What years did the Cheetahs win the Currie Cup?

Currie Cup finals

Season Winners Score
2006 Free State Cheetahs 28 – 284
2007 Free State Cheetahs 20 – 18
2009 Blue Bulls 36 – 24
2016 Free State Cheetahs 36 – 16

What Colours are cheetahs?

Coloration. Cheetahs have an upper coat of fur that is tawny, pale buff or grayish white, with underparts that are paler and whiter. Black spots are set close together on the pelage with a series of black rings around the last one-third of the tail.

Why is it called the Currie Cup?

The winning team receives a gold trophy known as the Currie Cup. The cup was named for Sir Donald Currie, the owner of a shipping company in Great Britain. In 1891 a British rugby team traveled to South Africa to play against several local teams. Currie donated a special gold cup for the tour.

Can cheetahs see color?

Unlike those nocturnal hunters, cheetahs see better during the day than at night. A specific type of cone photoreceptor called S cones are much more abundant in cheetah retinas than other cats, which are expected to enhance their ability to discriminate colours.

Which team won the most Currie Cups?

Currie Cup

Current season or competition: 2021 Currie Cup Premier Division
Country South Africa
Holders Blue Bulls (2021)
Most titles Western Province (34) Four shared (4)
Broadcast partner SuperSport SABC 2 Setanta Sports Asia Nine Network Stan

Who is the current Blue Bulls captain?

Duane Vermeulen

Is the Currie Cup professional?

Since the end of apartheid in 1990-4, and the age of professionalism in rugby union in the early 1990s, the Currie Cup has become much more competitive with no team able to carve out an era of dominance like that of WP in the early years or Northern Transvaal in the 1970s and 1980s.

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