Are Maja and Janella Salvador related?

Are Maja and Janella Salvador related?

‘My Ate, my Tita, my Mama Camila’: 19 Photos of Janella that proved she found a real sister in Maja. Maja Salvador and Janella Salvador share more than just a family name, being distant relatives, but a close, unbreakable sisterly bond, as seen in these pictures.

Is Bela Padilla related to loisa Andalio?

She was one of the cast of the Primetime Series My Dear Heart playing the role of Agatha Estanislao, the sister of Bela Padilla’s character.

Does Maja Salvador have a husband?

Maja Salvador and boyfriend Rambo Nunez Charot!

Who is the sister of Maja Salvador?

Sahara Shyla G. Salvador
Luchi Salvador Joson
Maja Salvador/Sisters

Who is the father of loisa Andalio?

Leonardo Q. Andalio
Loisa Andalio/Fathers

How old is loisa Andalio?

22 years (April 21, 1999)
Loisa Andalio/Age

Why did Maja and Rambo break up?

Maja Salvador opened up about her non-showbiz boyfriend, Rambo Nuñez, in her recent YouTube vlog episode. According to Maja, it was her showbiz career that caused their breakup years ago. The actress explained that their relationship had to end because she decided to put her career over her love life.

Who is dating Kim Chiu?

Xian Lim
Kim Chiu began dating fellow Star Magic artist and leading man, Xian Lim in 2012, which was confirmed in a 2013 episode of Kris TV. They acknowledged they were “exclusively dating”. On November 15, 2018, Kim Chiu finally confirms her relationship with Lim on her interview on Tonight with Boy Abunda. “

Is Maja Salvador still a Kapamilya?

Maja has been part of the Kapamilya network and its talent management company Star Magic since she began her showbiz career. However, in her Instagram post on September 22, 2020, she officially bid farewell to the Kapamilya network and said that she is accompanying her father-figure discoverer. M’ Manahan.

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