Are Stoughton Trailers good?

Are Stoughton Trailers good?

They’re reputation for strength IMO is highly overrated. They’re not all built the same though, I’ve seen some Stoughtons with heavy duty looking bulkheads ( nose of trailer) Stoughton IMO is the best Trailer for the money.

What are Stoughton trailers?

Since 1962, our family-owned and operated business has grown to become one of southern Wisconsin’s largest employers and the largest manufacturing company in Dane County, WI. We selectively hire talented individuals in the manufacturing industry to design, build, and sell our products.

How much does a Stoughton trailer weigh?

42′ x 96″ x 74″ 29″ x 31″ 24″ 34° 1555 1250 9100 lbs. 42′ x 102″ x 74″ 29″ x 46″ 18″ 38° 1800 1450 9450 lbs. 42′ x 102″ x 80″ 29″ x 46″ 18″ 38° 1930 1550 9560 lbs. *Estimated weight based on aluminum subframe and aluminum wheels.

What is a Stoughton?

[ stoht-n ] SHOW IPA. / ˈstoʊt n / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun. a city in E Massachusetts.

Is Strick trailer still in business?

We are CLOSED today! At Strick, our team members are like family. Thank you for your amazing work and dedication.

Does Hyundai make semi trailers?

The new 350 acre facility has a capacity to manufacture 30,000 trailers a year. Hyundai Translead became the number one trailer manufacturer in 2017 and maintained the market leadership position again in 2018 and built 70,017 trailers, the most of any trailer manufacturers in the US.

How much does a 53 ft trailer cost?

To put it differently if you have the money of course it is the best that you buy a new unused trailer straight from the manufacturer, the price of the new 53 foot trailer might vary a lot dependently from which manufacturer you will choose. In general a new trailer might cost you around $35.000 up to $70.000.

How much weight can a 53 foot trailer carry?

53-foot trailers The most common types of dry vans on the road, typical dimensions for these trailers are 53′ x 8′ 6” x 8′ 6” (lwh). They can accommodate up 45,000 pounds of freight and up to 26 standard pallet positions across their floor space.

What does tip on jacket mean?

Tip-On Record Jackets (For folks unfamiliar with the term “Tip-On jackets”, these are jackets where the print is done on a separate sheet of text-stock paper, and then wrapped/glued to a thick corrugated core.

What happened to Fruehauf trailers?

A leveraged buyout in 1986 by the company’s management left Fruehauf burdened with debt, and in 1989 the company was broken up and sold, though one segment, the truck trailer unit, retained the name Fruehauf Trailer Corporation. That corporation declared bankruptcy in 1996 and was sold to Wabash National the next year.

Who makes Lufkin trailers?

Lufkin Industries Inc
Lufkin Trailers is a division of Lufkin Industries Inc, which was founded in 1902 and is a vertically integrated company that designs, engineers, manufactures, sells, installs, and services oil-field equipment and power-transmission products across the globe and highway trailers in the south-central United States and …

Are there any Stoughton dry van trailers for sale?

From engineering to assembly, Stoughton dry van trailers are designed to give your fleet a competitive advantage. We have several new dry van trailers for sale, but when you choose to buy from us, you get more than just a dry van trailer.

What makes a Stoughton semi trailer so special?

TOUGH PLATE ALUMINUM SHEET & POST GRAIN TRAILER DROP FRAME CHASSIS EXTRA WIDE Rear Impact Guard Refrigerated Trailers Stoughton Advantage Design & Engineering Manufacturing Expertise Quality Guarantee Financing Options Service Warranty Information Warranty Claim Form Chassis Warranty Policy Dry Freight Van Policy Grain Trailer Warranty Policy

How big is a Stoughton air ride trailer?

We have four 2008 Stoughton air-ride trailers. Dimensions: 57″ x 102″ x 13-6′. These trailers were previously fully wrapped and owned by a bread company. These are great-looking trailers.

How big is a 2013 Stoughton Z plate Van?

2013 Stoughton Z Plate Van 53’ x 102”, 13’6”’ Wood Floor, Scuff Plate, Threshold Plate, Logistics Equipped, Front and Rear Vents, Side Skirts, Rear Swing Doors, Air Ride Suspension, Sliding Tandem… See More Details We’re sorry, we could not issue pre-approval based on the information provided.

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