Can you take photos at WA Museum?

Can you take photos at WA Museum?

Any organisation undertaking filming or photographic activity at the WA Museum must provide a copy of a valid Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency and other insurances the Museum requires to be in place. The Museum may request additional reports and certificates from the applicant.

Is the WA Museum free?

Admission to the Museum is free, but it is so popular people are being asked to book a visit to avoid disappointment. Entry is still free of charge, but bookings are required to manage the many thousands of people who have expressed a desire to see their new WA Museum.

What’s Kalgoorlie famous for?

Western Australian Goldfields
Kalgoorlie-Boulder, or Kalgoorlie as it is more commonly known, is the hub of the Western Australian Goldfields and the largest city in the Australian Outback. From wild beginnings as a gold rush town full of fortune-seekers, it has grown into a bustling twin city with a distinctive character.

How much does it cost to go to the Perth Museum?

Entry to WA Museum Boola Bardip is free. The Museum is open daily from 9.30am to 5pm. 1. Book a ticket online or by calling 1300 134 081.

Can I film in a museum?

Professional and commercial filming and photography on Museum property are permitted only by securing permission through our Communications Department prior to arrival. A member of the Communications staff must accompany film crews at all times while on Museum property.

How much does it cost to get into Perth Museum?

Where is the Wasm Mineral Museum in Kalgoorlie?

Located on Curtin University’s Kalgoorlie Campus, WASM’s Mineral Museum is sure to appeal to anyone with a keen interest in geology and mineralogy. It is home to a collection of approximately 3,000 mineral specimens and houses replicas of famous gold nuggets.

Where to see the goldfields in Kalgoorlie?

Check out the underground vault with its grand display of gold nuggets and jewellery, and stunning gold ingots. Venture up the imposing Ivanhoe headframe in the glass-fronted lift to see the panoramic view of the city of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and the surrounding Great Western Woodlands.

What was Kalgoorlie known for in the Gold Rush?

The story of Western Australia’s goldfields, gold rushes and people that lived through it all. Kalgoorlie has always had a reputation not only for its gold but also its girls. Prostitutes appeared on the streets of Kalgoorlie from its earliest days. Japanese and later French women were targeted as the police sought to stamp out the ‘social evil’.

Is there a School of Mines in Western Australia?

For more than a century, Curtin University’s Western Australian School of Mines (WASM) has been committed to providing some of the world’s finest mining and minerals education and facilities.

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