How do I invite someone to my garrison?

How do I invite someone to my garrison?

Make sure you aren’t the Party Leader. Then right click your portrait and click “View Leaders Garrison” under Instances. Then you will go through a loading screen and be able to enter your friend’s Garrison.

How do I see my garrison followers?

You can view your followers in the Followers pane after getting the garrison. The pane shows everything you need to know about your current followers, like skill set and experience, are they on a mission, working or just idling around in garrison.

Are garrisons shared?

like..not do something that is unfun in a game? Garrisons are individual for each character, though you can only choose a limited number of buildings to place in your Garrison.

How do you get more followers on wow?

These followers are obtained through your faction’s War Campaign with all but one of them being obtainable as soon as you hit level 118. If you are keeping up with your War Campaign as you level. you will be able to establish one foothold at levels 110, 114, and 118. Each foothold essentially unlocks a follower.

What buildings should I have in my garrison?


  • #1 Building – Profession Buildings. These buildings are going to be what you want when you want it at all times.
  • #2 Building – Dwarven Bunker / War Mill.
  • #3 Building – Barracks.
  • #4 Building – Lumber Mill / Trading Post.
  • #5 Building – Frostwall Tavern (early game) and Gladiator’s Sanctum (end game)

How many followers can you have in BFA?

There are 5 followers (or champions) that players can obtain.

How many friends can you invite to your Garrison?

You can only invite up to 2 friends (they need to right-click their portrait and select View Leader’s Garrison in order to visit your Garrison), so you need to position yourselves carefully.

How do you visit another man’s garrison in WoD?

The person that will visit another man’s garrison must be outside and wait for a party invite. The host must be leader of the party. The one that is visiting right clicks on HIS portrait and selects “View Leader’s Garrison”. Loading…

How can I visit my friend’s Garrison in Minecraft?

Your friend will then have to right click their portrait and select “visit leader’s garrison” under the instances tab. You can only visit the party leader’s garrison, so if you then want to visit your friend’s garrison, you would have to give him party lead.

How to post a comment on a friend’s Garrison?

Visit a friend’s garrison and /wave. Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. Unsure how to post? Check out our handy guide! You might want to proof-read your comments before posting them.

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