What happened in Desperate Housewives Season 1?

What happened in Desperate Housewives Season 1?

Season One was an introduction to the characters, their foibles and weaknesses, but it began with a literal bang as Mary Alice, the narrator of the show, kills herself over the secret that she stole a baby, the first of many secrets to be revealed on the show.

Why did Desperate Housewives skip 5 years?

The executive producer was inspired to adopt the five-year plan by the inventive use of flash-forward scenes on another ABC show, “Lost.” “I felt that the soap had really started to build up, and I kind of wanted to pare down to where everyone’s problems were small but very relatable,” Cherry said.

What happened to Lynette’s nanny?

Realising she was addicted, Lynette managed to stop taking the pills after she and Tom hired a nanny. Unfortunately the nanny didn’t stay long as she caught Tom’s eye a little too much. When Tom found out what Lynette had done, he quit his job, and in the season finale informs her that she will be going back to work.

Is Desperate Housewives on Netflix 2020?

Desperate Housewives Is On Hulu But Not Netflix Or Prime Perhaps surprisingly given the show’s popularity, Desperate Housewives isn’t currently available to stream on either Netflix or Amazon Prime, but Hulu subscribers are in luck as all eight seasons of the show are available via the streaming service.

Does Edie die in Desperate Housewives?

However, Sheridan left Desperate Housewives towards the end of the season when her character Edie died in an accident involving her car and a dangerous electrical wire in the 18th episode of Season 5, “A Spark. To Pierce the Dark.”, which aired on March 22, 2009.

How many episodes of Desperate Housewives were produced?

The series Desperate Housewives had eight seasons, 180 episodes and every episode has a duration of one hour. This made the show hold a record with the fact that it had that many seasons, one-hour length and an all-female cast.

How many episodes does Desperate Housewives have?

The vast majority of the episodes are titled after lyrics by composer/lyricist Stephen Sondheim . A total of 180 episodes of Desperate Housewives were aired over eight seasons.

Where do the Desperate Housewives live?

The show is set in the fictional American town of Fairview in the Eagle State, and more precisely on the street of Wisteria Lane . Desperate Housewives follows the lives of a group of women, seen through the eyes of their dead neighbor.

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