What size military helmet do I need?

What size military helmet do I need?

Helmet Sizing

Size Head Circumference APPROXIMATE Hat Size Rough Sizing for Group Orders – Individuals Must Measure Circumference
Small – SPECIAL ORDER up to 22″ (56 cm.) up to 6 7/8″
Medium up to 22.5″ (57.2 cm.) 7 – 7 1/8″
Large up to 23.5″ (59.7 cm.) 7 1/4″ – 7 1/2″
XL 23.5″ & up (59.7 cm. and up) 7 5/8″ and up

How should a PASGT helmet fit?

Helmet is level or slightly canted backward. If the PASGT is too high: Judge at brow and ear opening. Helmet should cover ear canal opening.

How should an ACH helmet fit?

Here’s what he should look for: • Viewed from the front, both sides of the ACH should be level. Viewed from the side, the front and back should be level. The bottom of the ACH should come to the top of the ear canal opening. The front rim should rest about 1/2 inch above the eyebrows.

What is the standard helmet size?

Adult Helmet Size Chart

Helmet Size Measurement (cm) Measurement (inches)
XS 53 – 54 20 ⅞ – 21 ¼
S 55 – 56 21 ⅝ – 22
M 57 – 58 22 ½ – 22 ⅞
L 59 – 60 23 ¼ – 23 ⅝

What size helmet is 58cm?


Helmet Size Cir. (in) Cir. (cm)
Small 20″-22″ 51-56cm
Medium 21.25″-23″ 54-58cm
Large 22.5″-24″ 57-61cm
X Large 23.25″-24.75″ 59-63cm

Is there a level 4 ballistic helmet?

Modern ballistic helmets provide different levels of protection. The levels are generally tested in accordance with the National Institute of Justice. The NIJ rates ballistic protection based on what rounds the item proved capable of stopping during rigorous testing. Levels III and IV will stop common rifle rounds.

How tight should a fast helmet be?

Tighten the belt and check if the helmet feels snug, but not too tight and not too loose. If you can’t see the rim, the helmet might be too small for you that makes it sit too high on your head. Your tactical helmet must remain in place when you move your head from side to side or shake your head.

How heavy is an ACH?

The Army adopted the Advanced Combat Helmet in 2003, which cut the weight of an extra large helmet down to 3.88 pounds. The new ACH II helmet cuts the weight even further, with an extra large version weighing just 2.94 pounds.

What size is my Pasgt?

PASGT Helmet Sizing Chart

US Size Circumference (Inches) Width (Inches)
X-Small 21.1 5.6
Small 21.9 6.0
Medium 22.7 6.3
Large 24.0 6.5
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