Who is the regional director of DOT?

Who is the regional director of DOT?

Woodrow C. Maquiling, Jr.
IN PHOTOS: DOT-NCR Regional Director Woodrow C. Maquiling, Jr.

Who is the regional director of DOT 7?

Director Shalimar Hofer Tamano
REGION-7-WELCOMES-NEW-DOT-DIRECTOR-583506 NEWLY-APPOINTED Department of Tourism (DOT) 7 Director Shalimar Hofer Tamano on Wednesday said tourism stakeholders should expect more visits from Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo in the regions this year.

Who is the regional director of DOT 3?

Carolina Uy
Gov. Daniel Fernando, represented by Provincial Administrator Antonette Constantino, Regional Director Carolina Uy of DoT Region 3 and Regional Director Geraldine Panlilion of DoLE Region 3 led the distribution of the financial aid.

What are the three offices in dot under the DOT?

The DOT shall consist of the Department Proper (Offices of the Secretary, Undersecretaries and Assistant Secretaries), Department Offices, Services and Unit, and the Regional and Foreign Offices. The Department Offices are: Office of Product Development.

What is Dot accreditation?

It is a Cerification issued by the Department of Tourism (DOT) to a tourism enterprise that officially recognizes it as having complied with the minimum standards for the operation of tourism facilities and services.

What agencies are under DOT?

Office of the Secretary.

  • Federal Aviation Administration.
  • Federal Highway Administration.
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  • Federal Railroad Administration.
  • Federal Transit Administration.
  • Maritime Administration.
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  • What are the benefits of DOT accreditation?

    According to the DOT web site, the benefits and incentives of accreditation include: “Endorsement to embassies and travel trade association/s for utilization of establishment’s facilities and services; eligibility for participation in travel fairs; priority to DOT training programs; endorsement to international …

    What are the requirements for DOT accreditation?

    How to Apply for DOT accreditation

    • Accomplished application form which need not be notarized;
    • Accomplished self-assessment form;
    • Valid mayor’s or business permit; and.
    • Sworn statement of the undertaking.

    What is the purpose of regional office?

    A regional office is a unit of a company that is responsible for selling its products in an area that isn’t directly serviced by its main office or headquarters. It is typically headed by a branch manager.

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