Why is NBA TV blacked out in my area?

Why is NBA TV blacked out in my area?

Every NBA game is available with NBA League Pass in every country except the US and Canada. Blackout restrictions exist because local and national content providers have certain exclusive rights to televise live games and content. The audio of games that are blacked out will be available to listen live.

Are there blackouts on NBA TV?

Over the course of the NBA’s season, nationally-televised games may air on ABC, ESPN, TNT and NBA TV. All games on ABC will not air on any other local broadcast station or regional cable network and are not subject to blackouts. In addition, all games on NBA TV are subject to blackouts.

How do I fix NBA TV blackout?

You can use your PC or Mac to bypass NBA League Pass blackouts. All you need to do is connect to a VPN server outside the blackout zone. For example, if it’s a local blackout, you’ll only need to connect to a server in another US state.

Why are games blacked out on DirecTV?

This error indicates that the sports program you’re trying to watch is blacked out in your area. Try tuning in to one of your local channels or regional sports networks to watch the game. Blackout restrictions are designed to protect the television rights holders in the competing teams’ respective home markets.

How do you get around local blackouts?

Here’s how to bypass ESPN+ live blackout restrictions:

  1. Sign up for and download a quality VPN with enough bandwidth and server locations to get access to every blacked-out game you want.
  2. Install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to a server location where the game you want to watch is not blacked out.

How can I watch NBA games without blackouts?

Here’s how to watch blackout NBA games:

  1. Subscribe to a good VPN. NordVPN is our top pick.
  2. Download and install the VPN provider’s app.
  3. For local blackouts, connect to a server in a different state.
  4. For national blackouts, connect to a server in a different country.
  5. Enjoy watching your favorite team play!

Why are Laker games blacked out on TNT?

Locally, all Lakers games will be blacked out on NBA League Pass, just as it has been in the past. NBA League Pass was designed by the NBA to give access to fans out of market, but not to preempt the local broadcast agreements, which has led to their blackout rules.

How do you unblock NBA TV?

Steps to Unblock NBA League Pass:

  1. Create a free Unlocator trial.
  2. Configure your device to use Unlocator Smart DNS or VPN.
  3. Go to the website of NBA League Pass or use their app if supported. Please see the list of supported devices between NBA League Pass and Unlocator Smart DNS.

Is ESPN blacked out on DirecTV?

In the past, ESPN has been blacked out on DirecTV due to contract disagreements. In most cases, however, if a game or event on ESPN is blacked out on DirecTV, it’s because the game is currently broadcast in your area on a different channel.

What happens if a game is blacked out on Direct TV?

If a game is blacked out from certain DIRECTV channels or sports subscriptions, you may be able to see it on another DIRECTV channel or on one of your local broadcast channels. In general, you receive all games outside your local market unless your local FOX or CBS station shows the game.

Are there any blackouts for local NBA games?

Blackout restrictions include your local NBA team (s) and all nationally televised games. Blacked-out games will be available for viewing after the game has concluded. Blackouts are specific to your current location, so if your location changes, your blackout restrictions for live, locally televised games will also change.

What’s the channel for the NBA on Direct TV?

NBA TV HD is on channel 216. To tune to this show, your Computer must be joined to the same Wi-Fi network as your receiver. Learn More This program is currently blacked out. Share on: What channel is NBA TV HD on DIRECTV? NBA TV HD is on channel 216.

When do NBA games go back on TV?

Nationally broadcast games available to view in archives three hours after they have aired. In the US, locally telecast games are archived three days after they have aired. If you are in the US, you can find a list of teams blacked out in your area here.

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