How do you farm reins of the thundering Ruby cloud serpent?

How do you farm reins of the thundering Ruby cloud serpent?

Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent – You can get this mount from the NPC named Alani, you have to farm up to 10 Skyshard and convert it into Sky Crystal and then hit Alani with it.

How do I get Alani mount?

Very simple: Once you have 10 Skyshards, click them to create a sky crystal and then find Alani, target him and Click the Sky Crystal. Is the mount a 100% from Alani, or does it get mailed or instantly added? The mount is a 100% Drop but remember that it requires an exalted reputation with the August celestials!

How do you get skyshard in World of Warcraft?

So the only way to get Skyshard these days is by killing mobs. So I ended up killing Shao-Tien Conqueror and Shao-Tien Painweavers at Winterbough Glade, since these seemed to have the highest droprate atm. After about 2k of them killed I had 4. So +/- 500 kills per shard.

Where are the best places to drop skyshards?

There are only two viable mobs (purportedly “best” is the 0.4% drop rate) that drop Skyshards – Shao-Tien Conquerors and Shao-Tien Painweavers both conveniently found at Winterbough Glade, Vale of Eternal Blossoms. There is a little circular encampment there with tents and plenty of Conquerors and Painweavers with fast respawn rates.

Are there any nerfs to the skyshards in Wow?

Since the Skyshards became account-bound, the drop rates and mobs that drop them have been seriously nerfed (e.g. forget the Tricksters.)

How many skyshards do you need to make a Sky Crystal?

With a long weekend filled with nothing but snow and trapped inside with not much to do, I decided to “farm it out” and get my 10 Skyshards to make a Sky Crystal and get that PINK mount. I started with one Skyshard I had drop from Golden Lotus dailies when they first started and hadn’t seen one since.

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