How hard do softball pitchers throw?

How hard do softball pitchers throw?

What’s more, thanks to liberal rules, softball pitchers release the ball from even closer than that, slightly less than 40 feet—about 20 feet closer than a baseball pitcher. Top softball pitchers like Jennie Finch can throw roughly 70 miles per hour, the equivalent of a low-90s fastball thrown from 60 feet away.

How hard does a d1 softball pitcher throw?

Throwing 63 miles per hour will get you noticed by scouts, but the average pitching speed for college softball ranges from 58-65 miles per hour, taking all divisions into consideration. Bases Loaded Softball lists the following for each division’s average college softball pitching speed.

Is it bad to throw sidearm in softball?

Is it bad to throw sidearm in softball? It depends – if your mechanics aren’t good, you may throw sidearm because your body is compensating for problems. However, throwing sidearm is necessary when throwing on the run, when you field a ball on the move at weird angles, and many other times as an infielder or catcher.

What is 72 mph in softball compared to baseball?

Pitch Speed Comparison

43 feet (14U+) to MLB 60.5 ft
Real Speed Equivalent “Speed”
70 98
71 100
72 101

What is the fastest pitch ever thrown by a woman?

69 m.p.h.
The Guinness World Book of Records says the fastest pitch ever thrown by a female player was 69 m.p.h. (111 km/h).

How to throw a softball step by step?

To complete your progression, you must master the five varying throwing steps. Begin your throwing progression by facing your throwing partner with your chest. Stand relatively close; you don’t want to jump right into throwing long distances. From there, flick the softball to your partner, using only your wrist to cover the ground.

Do you need to do softball pitching drills?

Softball pitching drills are an essential part of training for anyone who wants to be a great player. Of course, every pitcher will also need to be able to throw with accuracy and speed. It takes time to be a great pitcher, but practicing regularly, will turn you into a pro in no time at all.

Which is the best throwing phase for softball?

The last layer to your throwing progression for softball is your long-toss phase. This is the longest distance you’ll throw in the entire program. Be sure to use your body for momentum, take quick steps on target and drive your legs through your release. While long toss is the farthest you’ll throw, be mindful of your limits.

How many strikes does a softball pitcher need?

To begin this drill, the pitcher starts at a normal pitching distance or closer, depending on their skill and experience. The aim is for the pitcher to pitch 20 strikes before pitching 4 balls. If the pitcher has reached the 4 balls before the 20th strike, they must start the drill again from the beginning.

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