How hard is it to get into UC Berkeley computer science?

How hard is it to get into UC Berkeley computer science?

Berkeley’s overall acceptance rate is 17%, but its Computer Science acceptance rate is only 8.5%. Berkeley continues to compete at an exceptional level with state funding! Berkeley’s Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS) department is vast and exciting.

Does UC Berkeley offer computer science program?

There are two ways to study Computer Science (CS) at UC Berkeley: Be admitted to the Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (EECS) major in the College of Engineering (COE) as a freshman. Admission to the COE, however, is extremely competitive. This option leads to a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree.

What GPA do you need to declare CS at Berkeley?

Requirements to declare CS major Students who entered UC Berkeley before fall 2015 must complete CS 61A, CS 61B, CS 61C, CS 70, Math 1A, Math 1B, Math 54 with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00 in those 7 courses in order to apply to the major.

How do you get into CS at UCB?

Eligibility and Application Requirements

  1. A bachelor’s degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution.
  2. If you attended an American university or a university that uses a similar 4.0 scale, a satisfactory scholastic average with a minimum grade-point average (GPA) of 3.0 (B) is required.

Which UC is best for computer science?

Best Schools for Computer Science in California

  • #1. Stanford University.
  • #2. Harvey Mudd College.
  • #3. Pomona College.
  • #4. California Institute of Technology.
  • University of California – Berkeley. Berkeley, CA.
  • #6. University of Southern California.
  • #7. University of California – San Diego.
  • University of California – Santa Barbara.

Is Berkeley CS hard?

L&S CS freshmen dread the terrifying 3.3GPA cap, and for good reason. It is not easy to do well at Berkeley. In fact, it’s hard. Here it is: Berkeley CS is just very hard.

How many computer science majors does UC Berkeley have?

Number of Undergraduate Students

Year EECS BS Program Computer Science BA Program (juniors/seniors only)
2018 1,582 1,590
2017 1,406 1,451
2016 1,343 1,203
2015 1,312 906

Do you need calculus 3 for CS?

Just as with calculus 2, computer science majors also have to pass calculus 2 with a grade of C or better to successfully fulfill the calculus 3 prerequisite.

How difficult is UC Berkeley EECS?

EECS and CS aren’t harder than other majors. The requirements on getting into the program are strict, but the grading takes that into account. Most classes are curved with a fail rate of less than 5%.

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