How many ED applicants does Brown get?

How many ED applicants does Brown get?

Of the 4,562 early decision applications received for a place in the Class of 2024, Brown accepted just 800, a 17.5% acceptance rate. The Class of 2025 ED round saw the number of applicants rise to 5,540 (a 22% increase from the previous year) and 885 were admitted. This calculates to acceptance rate of 16%.

How many ED applicants does Brown defer?

In the Early Decision round, 3,030 candidates (the second largest Early Decision applicant pool in Brown’s history) applied to Brown and 669 earned admission. This marked an Early Decision admit rate of 22.1%. Another 1,905 students were deferred by the university and 456 were denied.

Did Brown decisions come out?

Applicants who apply under our Regular Decision plan will receive a decision by early April.

Should I apply ED to Brown?

Students who are admitted under the Early Decision plan are committed to attending Brown. Because this admission round is binding, it is important to carefully consider your choice before applying Early Decision. Early Decision is intended for students who consider Brown their top choice.

What is the acceptance rate for Brown?

7.1% (2020)
Brown University/Acceptance rate

Does Brown defer lots of students?

The University accepted a record-low 15.9 percent of early applicants to the class of 2025, down from 17.5 percent last year, according to Dean of Admissions Logan Powell. The number of accepted students and the number of applicants — 885 and 5,540, respectively — are the largest in University history.

How many students are in the Brown University class of 2025?

Brown admits 2,537 students to the undergraduate Class of 2025 The University offered admission on April 6 to prospective members of next year’s incoming class, who were chosen from Brown’s largest applicant pool to date in an admissions cycle impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

What was the admission rate for Brown University in 2021?

And if you’re wondering about the admit rate for Brown’s PLME program for the Early Decision pool of the Class of 2021, the figure stood at 6.7%. The university admitted 8.3% of overall applicants for its incoming class — a record low for the Providence, Rhode Island-based school.

How many people applied for early decision at Brown University?

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — On Thursday, Dec. 17, Brown University invited 885 prospective students who applied through its early decision program to become the first members of its undergraduate Class of 2025. The pool of 5,540 early decision applicants from which those students were admitted marked the University’s largest to date.

How many students are in the brown dual degree program?

Brown-RISD Dual Degree Program: From a pool of 725 applicants, 20 students were admitted to the Brown-RISD Dual Degree Program.

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