How much did Super Bowl tickets cost?

How much did Super Bowl tickets cost?

The NFL has announced that 14,500 ticket-buying fans will be in attendance, along with 7,500 vaccinated health care workers that the league is letting in for free….Most expensive tickets to Super Bowl 55.

Website Price
Vivid Seats $158,545
StubHub $217,120
NFL Exchange $34,676

How much are tickets for Super Bowl 2022?

Super Bowl 2022 Tickets & Hotel Packages from $6,990.

What is the cheapest Super Bowl ticket?

For Super Bowl LV, the cheapest ticket on the secondary market is trending at $5,441.

How many seats are available for the Super Bowl?

The NFL has confirmed that Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium will be allowed to host 22,000 spectators for Super Bowl 55 on February 7 – which is a third of the venue’s full capacity of 66,000.

How many tickets do players get for the Super Bowl?

Each team will give about 8,800 tickets to its fans. Meanwhile, season-ticket holders take up approximately 46,000 seats in Seattle and 50,000 seats in Pittsburgh. Better try to strike up a relationship with an executive of an NFL sponsor. 7.

How much is the most expensive seat at the Super Bowl?

The reduced number of tickets available is driving up prices. On Gametime, the least expensive seats are being sold for $5,138 each, while the most expensive ones are $18,450 each.

What is the most expensive food at the Super Bowl?

reuben sandwich
The most expensive: an $18 reuben sandwich. Fans could buy an $8 hot dog, $13 Greek salad, $15 roasted turkey club and $14 burger and fries in between.

How much does a Super Bowl ad cost 2020?

Characteristic Average advertisement cost in million U.S. dollars
Super Bowl LIV (2020) 5.6
Super Bowl LIII (2019) 5.3
Super Bowl LII (2018) 5
Super Bowl LI (2017) 5

Who was the halftime performer How much do they get paid?

The short answer is nothing. The NFL does not pay performers for the Super Bowl halftime show. But it’s not like the organization doesn’t pay up. It covers all the other expenses related to the extravaganza, which means paying stagehands and band dues plus the production costs.

Where was the halftime show for the Super Bowl?

The Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show is the most-watched musical event of the year. Super Bowl LIII and the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show will be broadcast by CBS from Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

Where can I buy tickets for Super Bowl 56?

Here at, we offer a safe & reliable way to purchase tickets to Super Bowl 56 at SoFi Stadium, in Los Angeles, California. Send us a request or call toll free with any questions you may have – we look forward to serving you. Who will take home the Lombardi Trophy in 2022?

When do tickets go on sale for Super Bowl 2022?

Upgraded Super Bowl tickets are available. The only Super Bowl Party with multiple celebrity chefs and current NFL players.#1 game day experience. Sold out 5 years running. Looking for Super Bowl 56 tickets in Los Angeles. Purchase tickets on to the big game on February 13, 2022.

Where are the Super Bowl tickets in Los Angeles?

Seating locations will be available in just about every section, from Club Box to 300 level and everything in-between. Who will battle for the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles?

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