Is green granite expensive?

Is green granite expensive?

Generally speaking, green granite is more expensive than its white and black counterparts since most green granite’s are considered to be rare and have an exotic look. Natural slabs which directly come from quarries are more expensive and are priced at around $35 to $70 per square foot for 3 millimeter thick slabs.

Is green granite rare?

Predominantly green granite is rare, although it is sometimes available when the granite contains a green feldspar mineral called amazonite. In most cases, though, green granite is most likely a type of metamorphic rock with an abundance of serpentine such as marble, or other types of rock, such as soapstone.

Is green granite natural?

Green granite by properties is hard and durable natural stone types. So, you can use everywhere, including kitchen countertops.

Can you get green granite?

Green Granite Granites are not abundant in green colored minerals, but there are a variety of different rock types that do contain green minerals in abundance. One very unusual way to get a green coloration is the inclusion of amazonite, a green variety of feldspar.

What’s the difference between rainforest green granite and marble?

Often the naming of granite, marble and all stones can be inaccurate or misapplied or simply vary along with the variations of color, etc. for a particular stone variety. For instance, you may find a stone is called “rainforest” green sold as a granite.

What are the different colors of green granite?

Green granite is available in a variety of colors which range from subtle to strong shades. Among all granite colors, it offers the most variation in secondary colors which make it versatile when it comes to design and matching. It comes in a variety of light to dark shades of green, gold, copper or black,…

What kind of granite is best for kitchen countertops?

Below is a list of the most popular types of green granite used for kitchen countertops. Characteristics: Typhoon Green granite is considered one of the rare types of granite. Characterized by a medium toned background consisted of green, gray, cream stone base with gold and brown vein highlights and burgundy flecks.

How much does green granite counter top cost?

Green granite which are rare such as the Silver Sea Granite, Emerald Green Granite and Light Peacock Green Granite falls on the high end bracket for countertops, usually costing around $50 to $70 per square foot for the material only. However, these estimates may vary depending on your location.

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