Is there a Kuvo radio station in the United States?

Is there a Kuvo radio station in the United States?

You can listen to KUVO at 89.3FM in Denver, 88.5FM in Vail and 89.7 in Breckenridge. You can also listen online, or download the KUVO App for access to KUVO’s programming anywhere, anytime.

What does Kuvo mean?

“Kumo,” in Japanese, and we’re a Japanese company, means “cloud.” So we played on the word there, and basically all Kuvo is, is connecting all of Pioneer’s decks that are in clubs across the world together.

What is the country station in Colorado?

List of radio stations

Call sign Frequency Format
KASF 90.9 FM Educational
KASP-LP 107.9 FM Low Power, Weather
KATC-FM 95.1 FM Country
KATR-FM 98.3 FM Country

What is the sports radio station in Denver?

Altitude Sports Radio 92.5 FM
Altitude Sports Radio 92.5 FM is Denver’s FM station of your Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rapids and Denver sports talk weekdays 6 am – 6 pm featuring: Brett Kane from 6am to 7am.

Where can I listen to Kuvo Public Radio?

For Apple devices click here or for Android devices click here. You can also search for “KUVO Public Radio” in your Appstore or Market. Tune in to any of our channels via Flash Player by clicking the “PLAY” button located on the top of every webpage. 1.

Is there an app for the Kuvo app?

The KUVO Public Radio App allows you to take KUVO’s music and news with you anywhere, anytime!

What kind of music do they play on Kuvo?

We broadcast the best in Jazz, Latin Jazz & Blues in addition to 17 locally produced, culturally diverse programs. Jazz with Dee Alexande… To celebrate 30 years on the air and invest in the future of jazz, KUVO interviewed 30 local musicians under the age of 30.

Who is the music director of KUVO jazz?

Bob Bows and Geoff Anderson share their latest reviews. Each month, KUVO Music Director Arturo Gómez carefully selects an outstanding new release to share with our listeners. Every Monday, KUVO Music Director Arturo Gomez shares some of the greatest new releases during his program Jazz with Arturo Gomez.

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