Who owns Label Shopper?

Who owns Label Shopper?

Peter Elitzer
Peter Harris Clothes / Label Shopper is a chain of off-price stores. Founded by Peter Elitzer, the chain has 71 Peter Harris and Label Shopper stores, all located in the Northeast and Mid-West.

What kind of a store is label shopper?

Label Shopper is a sister company to Peter Harris Clothes and buys and sells the highest quality clothing and accessories found in specialty and department stores for up to 70 percent off their original retail price.

Why did Label Shopper close?

The answer is a simple one: declining sales due to a lack of customer support. The store’s closing after barely year wasn’t the prognosis when its first opened its doors and customers entering the building heard the staff say “Welcome to Label Shopper,” the greeting spoke to every customer since then.

What is a label store?

Private label products are those manufactured by one company for sale under another company’s brand. Private label brands managed solely by a retailer for sale in a specific chain of stores are called store brands or own brands.

Who owns Peter Harris?

Does Peter Harris sell men’s clothes?

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Who is Peter Harris?

Peter Harris is the author of the best selling book “Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies”, co-author with Donald Trump on the audio course “Three Master Secrets of Real Estate Success”, the Commercial Property Advisors Education Director and is considered the leading expert in teaching others how to invest in …

Do I need a license to private label?

If you are a manufacturer or an importer of a product, you will need to establish your private label. This is a form of licensing and distribution in which you will sell or distribute a product under their label, trademark or brand. It is crucial that an agreement is in place that protects the brand.

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