Who wrote Give My Regards to Broadway?

Who wrote Give My Regards to Broadway?

George M. Cohan
Give My Regards to Broadway/Lyricists

What musical is the song Give My Regards to Broadway from?

George M!
Give My Regards to Broadway/Play

Is Give My Regards to Broadway public domain?

English: Sheet music to the song “Give My Regards to Broadway” from Little Johnny Jones. The author died in 1948, so this work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 70 years or fewer.

Where was Give My Regards to Broad Street filmed?

Give My Regards to Broad Street is the fifth solo studio album by Paul McCartney, as well as the soundtrack album to his 1984 film of the same name….

Give My Regards to Broad Street
Recorded 1982 – 1983 (sporadically)
Studio Abbey Road Studios, AIR Studios and CTS, London
Genre Rock

How do you say give my regards?

‘Give My Regards’ synonyms

  1. Send [someone] my best.
  2. Send [someone] my best regards.
  3. Send [someone] my greetings.
  4. Give [someone] my best wishes.
  5. Pass on my greetings to [someone].
  6. My best to [someone].
  7. All the best to [someone].
  8. Send [someone] my compliments.

Who sings Give My Regards to Broadway?

Give My Regards to Broadway/Artists

What film was no more lonely nights in?

Give My Regards to Broad Street
No More Lonely Nights/Movie

“No More Lonely Nights” was the main song of the soundtrack of “Give My Regards To Broad Street“, written after the movie was entirely filmed. For Give My Regards To Broad Street, I couldn’t think for a lifetime to write a song saying that.

What can I say instead of in regards to?

Synonyms of in regard to

  • about,
  • apropos,
  • apropos of,
  • as far as,
  • as for,
  • as regards.
  • (also as respects),
  • as to,

How do you use Regards in a sentence?

Regards sentence example

  1. Give my regards to my uncle.
  2. Send my regards to your mate.
  3. As regards their common opposition to the Turk, this appeal led to nothing; but it marked the growth of a new Italian consciousness.
  4. “Give my regards to Miss Worthington,” Dean said.

What is significant about his song Give My Regards to Broadway?

“Give My Regards to Broadway” is a song written by George M. Cohan, playing the title character, sings this song as his friend is about to sail to America, looking for evidence aboard ship that will clear his name for allegedly throwing the English Derby.

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