How to check if URL contains string with jQuery?

How to check if URL contains string with jQuery?

Closed 6 years ago. I have a page with select options and I am using JQuery to refresh the page and add a string to the url when an option is clicked. Now I need a way to check the browsers url to see if it contains said string. Looking on other threads I thought indexOf would work, but when trying this it doesn’t work.

How to get current URL in JavaScript with jQuery?

The location object also has other properties, like host, hash, protocol, and pathname. This will work only if you have jQuery. For example: If you need the hash parameters present in the URL, window.location.href may be a better choice. You’ll want to use JavaScript’s built-in window.location object.

How to check if the href contains a given URL?

Sometimes, for example when you need to call a String method on it, you have to explicitly call toString. This checks whether the href contains either 192.168 or localhost AND is followed by :1337. As you can see, using regex has its advantages over the other solutions when the condition gets a bit trickier.

How to check if a string contains a substring in JavaScript?

You can check if a string contains substring in javascript by taking the URL using windows.location.href and then check the sub-string using .IndexOf(“Substring”) method , so your complete code will be as below.

How to check if URL contains a word stack overflow?

Tip: When you have Javascript problems, hit f12 in your browser to open the development tools and then f5 to refresh the page. Then check your console tab for error messages, e.g. ‘Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined’, and your sources tab for any parts of your code that are underlined in red.

How to check if a string contains a word?

In javascript the includes() method can be used to determines whether a string contains particular word (or characters at specified position). Its case sensitive.

How to tell if a string contains something in JavaScript?

My code should console log alert me that there > < present in the string. You could use String.prototype.indexOf to accomplish that. Try something like this: Modern browsers also have a String.prototype.includes method. You can use javascript’s indexOf function.

How do you replace a string in jQuery?

We can achieve this by using a Regular Expression that provides us the text replace functionality with its string method: replace () which replaces the specified string with the desired word or substring thereby modifying the original string. We can use the replace () method with either regular expression or string as an argument.

How is a string contained in an element?

The string can be contained directly in the element as text, or in a child element. This is mostly used together with another selector to select the elements containing the text in a group (like in the example above). Note: The text is case sensitive.

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