Is there gold in Cherokee County Alabama?

Is there gold in Cherokee County Alabama?

Afterward, gold seemed to be a totally forgotten subject in east Alabama until “recreational” or “hobby” prospecting became popular in recent years. And then, just last year, It was reported that commercial gold mining has been reactivated at a site in Cherokee County, Just north of the Cleburne County line.

Can you pan for gold in Cherokee National Forest?

Regulations. While the Cherokee National Forest allows gold panning, certain rules apply. Gold panning is not allowed in any of the designated wilderness areas in the forest. When you are panning, you must not disturb or damage the stream banks or remove the vegetation.

Where can I dig for gold in Alabama?

The most important deposits were found in Cleburne, Tallapoosa, Clay and Randolph Counties. Only Cleburne and Tallapoosa Counties produced more than 20,000 ounces of gold. Gold found in Alabama comes from lode and placer sources. Much of Alabama’s gold has been produced at Hog Mountain and the Hillabee mine.

Can I pan for gold in Alabama?

Panning, high-banking, sluicing, dredging and metal detecting are all permitted on Alabama Gold Camp’s land.

Can gold be found in clay?

Clay/False Bedrock There are plenty of people who will dig right through a clay layer and down to bedrock. However, gold can get mixed right in with clays, so don’t just avoid it. It may be worth busting up and panning to see if there is any gold in it. Yes it can be challenging, but it might just pay off.

Is there gold in Alabama?

Gold can be found in the igneous and metamorphic rocks of Alabama’s Piedmont physiographic section. The Wedowee Schist, a metamorphic rock found in northeastern Alabama that formed at the same time as the Appalachian Mountains, is known to contain gold.

Do you need a permit to pan for gold in Tennessee?

Recreational prospecting in Tennessee requires a permit from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. Conveniently, this is a “general permit” and is fairly broad. It allows the holder to use various methods to extract gold in the state.

Where has gold been found in Tennessee?

Most of the gold in Tennessee is found in a small area in the southeastern part of the state in the Coker Creek gold belt, which lies in the Cherokee National Forest. Coker Creek and the Tellico River are the best-known areas for gold prospecting as there are numerous placer deposits and mines.

Is there any gold left in Alabama?

Where is the most gold in Alabama?

The largest occurrence was found in the Hog Mountain District of Tallapoosa County in 1839. It has produced about 25,000 ounces of gold, or about half of Alabama’s total gold production.

Has gold ever been discovered in Alabama?

Gold in Alabama Gold has been found in both lode and placer deposits, with the majority coming from area in the east central part of the state up next to the Georgia border. The first major strike occurred in 1830 at Blue Creek and Chestnut Creek, and significant gold discoveries continued throughout the coming years.

Where was the first gold found in Alabama?

The foremost strike of gold occurred in 1830 along the tributaries of Blue and Chestnut Creeks in Chilton County. This discovery made Alabama one of the prolific gold-producing states east of the Mississippi River, with almost 80,000 ounces of gold from 1830 to 1990.

Where to go for gold panning in Alabama?

Gold Panning In Alabama A great site we have heard folks looking for Alabama gold is at the Alabama Gold Camp. We are not sure how much gold has been found at the gold camp, but it is defiantly a beautiful location to give your gold panning skills a shot. The Alabama Gold Camp offers lodging and a general store for goods.

Is there a gold mining district in Alabama?

What was once a booming gold town in Alabama is now just a small town with around 38 people and almost all of the old buildings and mines have falling to the passage of time. The Cholerine Mining District has been a very successful area to find rich placer gold in Cleburne County.

Where to find gold in Clay County Alabama?

The Tallapoosa River, Crooked Creek, and Wesobulga Creek are good locations for placer gold in Clay County. Look throughout this beautiful county along smaller streams and creeks, you may find some good Alabama gold locations.

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