What are the ranks in a clan?

What are the ranks in a clan?

Within a Clan, there are four ranks, member, elder, co-leader, and leader.

What was the most powerful clan in Japan?

The Fujiwara clan
The Fujiwara clan is one of the oldest and most powerful families in all of Japanese history. From the Nara through the Heian Period, this one family had an unshakable amount of power.

Who was the most powerful clan during the 400’s?

During this time the samurai, a ruling class of warriors, came into power. The leader of the most powerful clan of samurais was called the shogun.

What are the ranks in smashing four?

Clan Ranks

  • Leader – A player who creates a clan is automatically its Leader.
  • Captain – Captain is the second highest rank in the clan hierarchy.
  • Elder – Elder is the third highest rank in the clan hierarchy.
  • Member – They have no special permissions.
  • Novice – Novice is a player who newly joined the clan.

Who was the strongest samurai clan?

Shimadzu family
The Shimadzu family were one of Japan’s most powerful clans and ruled over southern Kyushu for a period of over 700 years. Learn about how this influential warrior clan survived through the age of the samurai and played a key role in the modernisation of Japan in the late 19th century.

How many rank slots are there in clans?

Clans have 17 rank slots, most of which can be given names via this Rank Hierarchy menu. We won’t be letting you rename the Owner, Deputy Owner and Administrator ranks, since they’re essential to some game functions.

How often can I change my clan rank?

Choose wisely because there are limits to how often you can change it afterwards. Once everything is ready, a Clan will be formed with the initial founder as a the Owner. Ranks for members will be set up automatically, but these can be changed at your leisure (more on this later).

Can a deputy owner edit a clan profile?

Nor can they edit the Clan’s public profile, since you currently have to be a Deputy Owner to do that. However, as the Owner, you might not be so picky. Maybe you feel that a mere Colonel, such as Sad Auntie, should be allowed to edit the public profile, even if you’d prefer not to let them hand out ranks.

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