What did Marvin Zindler die of?

What did Marvin Zindler die of?

Pancreatic cancer
Marvin Zindler/Cause of death

What happened to Marvin Zindler?

Zindler died on July 29, 2007, at M.D. Anderson Hospital after a battle with cancer. He had been diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer that spread to his liver. He was 85 years old. Up until his death he was filing consumer reports from his hospital room.

Who played Marvin Zindler?

Dom DeLuise
Dolph Briscoe ordered law enforcement to close the two “bawdy houses,” as Zindler called them. The story received national attention and spawned “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” on Broadway and that really cheesy Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds flick in 1982. A version of Zindler was campily played by Dom DeLuise.

Where was Marvin Zindler born?

Houston, TX
Marvin Zindler/Place of birth

Did Marvin Zindler have children?

Mark Zindler
Helen Zindler RodgersMarvin Zindler, Jr.Donny ZindlerDan Zindler
Marvin Zindler/Children

They had five children, who survive, four sons, Marvin Jr., Donny and Danny, all of Houston, and Mark, of Tyler; and a daughter, Helen Rogers of Houston. Also surviving is his second wife, the former Niki Devine.

Who said slime in the ice machine?

Marvin Harold Zindler
Marvin Harold Zindler (August 10, 1921 – July 29, 2007) was a news reporter for television station KTRK-TV in Houston, Texas, United States.

How old was Marvin Zindler when he passed away?

85 years (1921–2007)
Marvin Zindler/Age at death

Why did Marvin Zindler wear blue glasses?

The cause was pancreatic cancer, according to his station, KTRK-TV, an ABC affiliate. Mr. Zindler, with his cheerfully admitted plastic surgery, closet of peacock fashions, blatant hairpieces and blue-tinted glasses, was best known for his first foray into investigative journalism, in 1973.

What is slime in the ice machine?

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Can ice machines make you sick?

Mold in the ice maker is one of the bigger risks that have caused people to get sick from dirty ice makers. The contaminated ice can be affected with salmonella, E. coli, and shigella. Mold lets bacteria and fungus grow into germs that may make people ill.

How often should an ice machine be cleaned?

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Is ice dirtier than toilet water?

A Florida student found that the ice at fast food restaurants is actually dirtier than the toilet water at the same establishment. The reason that the bacteria was more prevalent in the ice could be that while toilets are cleaned regularly, ice machines are not.

What kind of cancer did Marvin Zindler have?

The irascible, flamboyant 85-year-old television personality had been diagnosed in July with inoperable pancreatic cancer that spread to his liver. Even in his last days, Zindler continued to work, filing reports from his hospital bed.

When did Marvin and Niki Zindler get married?

When Gertrude died, Zindler vowed he would never marry again, yet he fell in love with Niki Devine and married her in 2006. Before his death, Marvin and Niki Zindler lived in the Houston neighborhood of Maplewood, where Zindler had lived continuously for forty-eight years. They were the owners of a dog, Magic, a bichon frisé.

Why was Marvin Zindler disappointed in his father?

Zindler’s father, Abe Zindler, who founded and owned a successful clothing store in Houston, was disappointed in Marvin, whom Abe considered frivolous and irresponsible. Abe wanted his sons to inherit the store, a career course that Marvin was reluctant to take because of his father’s sometimes angry behavior.

Who was maarvin Zindler Eyewitness News on KTRK Channel 13?

Still, he signed off with a hearty “MAARVIN ZINDLER, eyewitness news” — his trademark for 34 years with KTRK Channel 13. “Marvin Zindler was unique,” said Dave Ward, the station’s longtime anchor and one of the people responsible for Zindler being on the air.

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