Where do Dina and Roma live?

Where do Dina and Roma live?

Well she’s originally from the Ukraine but now lives in the US with her brother Roma, 8, star of his own successful YouTube show Kids Roma Show, along with parents Olena and Volodymyr who don’t use their surname for privacy reasons.

What does Diana and Roma parents do for a living?

Elena and Vlad, the parents of Diana, say they started making YouTube videos as a hobby when Diana’s brother, Roma, was born.

Do Diana and Roma have siblings?

Six-year-old Diana, her brother Roma, and their parents are on the fast track to international fame after hitting it big on the video platform. The Extra-Terrestrial, stars alongside her brother Roma and parents Olena and Volodymyr on Kids Diana Show, the No.

What is Diana and Roma sisters name?

Anastasia, aka “Nastya” and Diana, both 6, have become the hottest young YouTubers in the world and they’re close to capturing general viewing records too. Both were born in the post-Soviet space: Nastya in Krasnodar, Russia and Diana in Kiev, Ukraine. Now their families are living the dream in Florida.

How old is Diana from Diana and Roma?

First video Diana (born: March 31, 2014 (2014-03-31) [age 7]), better known online as ✿ Kids Diana Show, is a Ukrainian child YouTuber, along with her brother Roma, creates skits aimed at children and young adults.

How do I contact Roma and Diana?

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Phone Number +1-566-6012-XXX
Official Website Not Available

What nationality is Nastya?


Like Nastya
Born Anastasia Yuryevna Radzinskaya January 27, 2014 Krasnodar Krai, Russia
Nationality Russian
Occupation YouTuber
YouTube information

At what age Diana died?

36 years (1961–1997)
Diana, Princess of Wales/Age at death
Diana was 36 years old when she died. Her death caused an unprecedented outpouring of public grief in the United Kingdom and worldwide, and her funeral was watched by an estimated 2.5 billion people.

What is Blippi’s net worth?

If you don’t have young children, there’s a chance you may have never heard of Blippi – but this video superstar is a hero to millions of kids all over the world. With his fun videos and catchy songs, he’s racked up more than 3 billion views on YouTube, and has grown an estimated net worth of $20 million.

How old is Diana now?

How long ago did Princess Diana die? Princess Diana died on August 31 1997, at the age of 36.

Are Vlad and Niki related to Diana and Roma?

Video type The US-based Vlad and Niki channel stars two brothers: Vlad, seven, and Nikita, five. Videos show the brothers playing with toys and showing off their daily adventures. Video type The Kids Diana Show follows the antics of Diana and her brother Roma.

Who are Nastya parents?

At the outset, Yuri and Anna Radzinskaya — Nastya’s parents and the co-pilots at the helm of her YouTube ascension — didn’t have aspirations of online stardom.

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