Who is Arunma Oteh?

Who is Arunma Oteh?

Arunma Oteh, OON (Officer of the Order of the Niger), was the Treasurer and a Vice President of the World Bank (2015–2018)….

Arunma Oteh
Occupation Senior Business Executive
Known for Business, Management
Title Vice President & Treasurer World Bank

Where is Arunma Oteh now?

Ms. Arunma Oteh OON has been an Academic Scholar at St. Antony’s College and an Executive-in-Residence at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, since January 2019. Her research areas of focus are capital markets, economic development and financial technology.

What is the meaning of OTEH?

Oteh – Detailed Meaning. Your name of Oteh has made you a kind, thoughtful, and sociable person.

Who is the Treasurer of World Bank?

Arunma Oteh
Arunma Oteh joined the World Bank as Vice President and Treasurer in September 2015. As VP and Treasurer, Ms. Oteh manages and leads a large and diverse team responsible for managing more than $150 billion in assets, and borrowing in more than twenty currencies around the world.

Who is the Director General of Securities and Exchange Commission?

Lamido Yuguda
The new Director-General of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Lamido Yuguda, on Monday assumed duty at the capital markets’ regulatory agency.

Who is the head of capital market in Nigeria?

Oscar N. Onyema OON
He has widely been recognized as an agent of change in restoring and growing investors’ confidence and advancing Nigeria’s capital markets towards a path of sustainable growth and development….Oscar N. Onyema.

Oscar N. Onyema OON
Alma mater MBA from Baruch College B.Eng from Obafemi Awolowo University

What is Nigeria capital market called?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the main regulatory institution of the Nigerian capital market. It is supervised by the Federal Ministry of Finance….Securities and Exchange Commission (Nigeria)

Agency overview
Formed 1979
Preceding agency Capital Issues Commission
Jurisdiction Nigeria
Headquarters Abuja
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