Would Mace Windu beat Darth Maul?

Would Mace Windu beat Darth Maul?

Mace Windu’s lightsaber style focuses on turning his opponent’s rage and aggression back against them. Maul is powerful opponent, but that would not help him in this fight. In fact, it would only aid Mace Windu in the long run.

Is Rey stronger than Mace Windu?

Daisy Ridley Says Rey Is More Powerful in the Force Than Mace Windu. In a rapid-fire video interview with Collider published Wednesday, Ridley compared Rey’s Force powers to those of other Force-wielders from Star Wars, namely Mace Windu, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Palpatine.

What fighting style does Palpatine use?

He mastered all forms of lightsaber fighting styles and other forms of combat that can be used to kill. In terms of duels, he mixed different styles but chiefly used Juyo or Form VII. However, because he disliked lightsabers, he preferred to use the dark side of the Force, hence his Force Lightning.

What fighting style did Obi Wan use?

Obi-Wan Kenobi originally specialized in Form IV, trained in the form by Qui-Gon Jinn. However, upon witnessing his master’s death due to Ataru’s lack of defensive capabilities, Kenobi decided to switch his focus to Soresu in order to eliminate this weakness in his own technique.

Why didn’t Sidious use a lightsaber?

In truth, the Sith normally wielded enough powers to fight without a lightsaber, but every apprentice still learned to use one as part of his or her training. Sidious himself felt that he and his peers had outgrown the use of lightsabers, and only continued carrying them to mock the Jedi.

What lightsaber form does Qui Gon use?

I know most everywhere notes that his preferred form is IV: Ataru. While rewatching Episode 1, I’m pretty sure during his fight with Maul that he switches to either II: Makashi or III: Soresu.

How did Mace Windu beat Darth Sidious?

Windu’s dueling abilities were nearly unparalleled among other Jedi, as evidenced in his battle against Darth Sidious. Windu bested the Sith Lord in combat, something that was considered impossible before he accomplished the feat. If Anakin hadn’t intervened, Windu would’ve killed Sidious and Darth Vader may have never existed.

Which is cooler Darth Maul or Mace Windu?

Mace Windu, although Darth Maul is way cooler. “Mace Windu, although Darth Maul is way cooler. ” Mace would kill him so very fast. Mace Windu is cooler and wins.

What kind of lightsaber does Mace Windu use?

Mace specialized in the seventh form of lightsaber combat, AKA Juyo or Vaapad. Windu was the only known practitioner of this form that didn’t fall to the Dark Side, mainly because the style calls for an aggressive, unpredictable approach (much like Maul’s, just less jumping around).

What was Darth Maul’s first appearance in Star Wars?

Maul was an absolute tank in his first appearance, taking on Qui-Gon (a highly trained Jedi master) in the middle of Tatooine before eventually killing him in the final act of the film.

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