Does MusclePharm combat protein powder have creatine?

Does MusclePharm combat protein powder have creatine?

Designed as a pure protein powder, with no BCAAs, creatine, or glutamine, Combat 100% Whey combines two types of fast digesting protein; whey protein isolate, and whey protein concentrate.

Which is better my protein or optimum nutrition?

Having them included in your protein powder is highly convenient. Optimum Nutrition has the highest amount of protein per serving with 24g but it is worth pointing out that they describe a serving as 32g whereas MyProtein Impact Whey (depending on flavour) gives around 21g of protein from a 25g scoop.

Does MusclePharm combat powder have BCAA?

MusclePharm goes the extra mile to provide our consumers with superior quality whey isolate protein powder and workout formulas that are 100% safe to use. Our protein powder has added glutamine, BCAAs, and digestive enzymes that have been certified by Informed-Choice.

Which is cheaper whey or MusclePharm combat protein powder?

You can see Combat Protein Powder is quite a bit cheaper than two of its closest competitors. Here’s a head-to-head comparison of two of the biggest-selling protein powders, Musclepharm’s Combat Protein Powder and Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Whey.

What is the percentage of protein in combat protein powder?

Combat Protein Powder has very good buyers’ ratings, with over 6,200 reviewers across the online universe giving it 4.5. Its protein % per serving is on the low end at 71%, and this is mainly due to the ingredients used for flavoring.

Which is larger optimum nutrition or combat protein?

Combat protein’s serving size is over 15% larger than Optimum Nutrition’s (35g vs. 30g). You can tell by looking at their scoops side by side. So in only 8 oz. of water it’s not much of a surprise that the Combat had a couple of unmixed specks, who weren’t a bother at all anyway.

Which is the best protein powder for weightlifters?

This is why it’s a top choice among weightlifters as a post-workout supplement, since rapidly absorbing protein can make its way to the muscle tissue quicker to stimulate growth & repair, AKA muscle protein synthesis. The Cookies N Cream flavor has 11 different things in it, including sugar, palm oil, salt, & soy.

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