How do I adjust soft select in Maya?

How do I adjust soft select in Maya?

Change the size of the Soft Selection falloff area

  1. b + drag to adjust the Falloff Radius relative to its current size.
  2. b + middle-drag to adjust the Falloff Radius starting from an absolute size of 0.
  3. Adjust the Falloff Radius in the Tool Settings window.

How do I turn off soft select in Maya?

How do I turn that off? In the tools’ settings there’s an option for soft selection. Turn that off. Press b, it is also in the w marking menu.

How do you hide objects in Maya?

Tip: When you are in component selection mode, Maya automatically shows the components on the selected objects….Show or hide components.

To… Do this
Hide unselected objects or components. Press Alt + H
Show selected components. Press Shift + H

How do you soft select in blender?

To enable it, while in Edit Mode, select SHIFT-O (as in the letter). There’s also a little circle icon which lets you enable it. Once enabled another menu appears right next to the circle to define the falloff properties of soft selection. The default is smooth.

How do I select multiple faces in Maya?

In the scene view, right-click a polygon mesh and select Face from the marking menu. Select one face in the face loop you want to select. Shift + double-click an adjacent face in the direction you want the face loop. All the faces along the same line are selected.

How do I turn off soft selection?

Alternatively, you can go to Window -> Settings/Preferences -> Tool Settings. In this window, there is a section labeled ‘Soft Selection. ‘ There should be a box with a check in it at the very top. Simply un-check that box, and you’ll be back to the simple selection.

How do you hide a mesh in Maya?

Hide and Show objects in Autodesk Maya

  1. Display > Hide > Hide selection (CTRL > H)
  2. Display > Show > Show last hidden (SHIFT > CMD > H)
  3. Hidden objects in the outliner appear greyed out.
  4. To display again, click the object in the outliner and press SHIFT + H.
  5. You can select one object and hide all others (ALT + H)

How do you view an object in Maya?

Press Shift + H. Select Display > Show > Show Selection.

How do you increase the size of proportional editing?

You must press PgUp PgDown or use the scroll wheel during a transform action such as Translate ( G ), Rotate ( R ), or Scale ( S ). In the Redo panel located at the bottom of the Tool Shelf ( N in the 3D view) or found by pressing F6 , there is a slider to adjust the Proportional size.

Why is proportional editing not working?

When the proportional editing feature isn’t working properly it is most likely because of a misunderstanding of how the tool works. The first step to take after you made sure proportional editing is turned on is to make sure that it works together with the move tool. Tab to edit mode and select one vertex.

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