How many Flatteners does Friedman describe?

How many Flatteners does Friedman describe?

In The World Is Flat, Friedman identifies 10 “flatteners” that have reshaped business, our lives, and our world in the 21st century. He begins with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, one of the most vivid examples of the impact of technology on human history.

What are ten forces that flattened the world?

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  • 10 Forces That Flattened the. World. Berlin Wall Falling.
  • Netscape Goes Public. • P.C. had given everybody the ability to create, but not share.
  • Work Flow Software. • Not as celebrated as other flatteners.
  • Uploading. • “Open Source” community.
  • Outsourcing. •
  • Offshoring. •
  • Supply-Chaining. •
  • In-sourcing. •

Why does Friedman say the world is flat?

Friedman believes the world is flat in the sense that the competitive playing field between industrial and emerging market countries is leveling; and that individual entrepreneurs as well as companies, both large and small, are becoming part of a large, complex, global supply chain extending across oceans, with …

What is a flattener Friedman?

#1: Collapse of the Berlin Wall – 11/9/89: Friedman called the flattener, “When the walls came down, and the windows came up.” The event not only symbolized the end of the cold War, it allowed people from other side of the wall to join the economic mainstream.

What are the 10 Flatteners?

He writes extensively about the ten events or trends he calls the 10 Flatteners that changed the world:

  • The fall of the Berlin wall.
  • The World Wide Web and the internet.
  • Workflow software.
  • Uploading.
  • Outsourcing.
  • Offshoring.
  • Supply chaining.
  • Insourcing.

What does Thomas Friedman mean by globalization?

Friedman defines globalization as “the inexorable integration of markets, nation statesand technologies to a degree never witnessed before—in a way that is enabling individuals, corporations, and nation states to reach around the world farther, faster, deeper, and cheaper than ever before and in a way that is enabling …

What is globalization by Thomas Friedman?

What is globalization 3.0 Friedman?

But Friedman argues that a third era—Globalization 3.0, which began around 2000—is having the effect not only of shrinking the world but of flattening the playing field for individuals and companies large and small.

What is a flattener?

What Is a Bull Flattener? A bull flattener is a yield-rate environment in which long-term rates are decreasing more quickly than short-term rates. That causes the yield curve to flatten as the short-run and long-run rates start to converge.

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