Is Peel remote a virus?

Is Peel remote a virus?

Another reason why people despise the Samsung smart remote app is that of its bloatware nature. Smartphones, which come pre-installed with peel remote virus, don’t let users remove the Android app through regular means. If the “Uninstall” button is available, select it to delete Peel remote app from your device.

What happened Peel Smart remote?

Updated on June 7th: Following the announcement of these discoveries, the “Peel Smart Remote” mobile application was removed from Google Play. Because applications’ update is not automatic on all Android devices, millions of users running the former version of the app are still currently exposed.

What is Peel Smart remote and do I need it?

Peel Universal Smart Remote uses built-in IR hardware on Android smartphones to control devices by tapping the on-screen remote. For phones without the IR hardware, Peel uses WiFi to discover and control devices. One can connect to devices in the same WiFi network and control them from their phone.

Does Peel remote drain battery?

Not only does an app running in the background deplete the battery at an accelerated rate, but this particular app also consumes considerable data. Over the course of roughly a month, the Peel Remote app consumed 2GB of data over a wifi connection, most of it whilst the app was running in the background.

Does Peel remote have ads?

You’ve probably heard of the Peel Smart Remote app. It was pre-loaded on a lot of phones back when everything had an IR blaster for like two minutes. Peel is a free app, so some ads are to be expected. …

Does Peel Remote drain battery?

What happens if I delete Peel Remote?

When you disable the app, it will be restored to the original factory version and won’t show up in the app drawer. To enable it again, repeat the above steps and select “Enable”. That’s it, the Peel Remote would no longer show up on the lockscreen or any other area of your Android device.

Does Peel Smart Remote Still Work?

Peel also has a free app for iOS devices, but requires you to buy another device to use your phone as a remote, since iPhones don’t come with a built-in IR blaster. The TV guide feature will, however, still work even if you don’t have a phone that will work as a remote. Free, for Android devices.

What happens if I delete Peel remote?

Is Peel remote free?

Peel Smart Remote is a free remote app that allows you to use any compatible device with an IR blaster to control devices like TVs and home theatre installations.

Can I use my phone as remote without IR blaster?

If your phone doesn’t have an IR blaster, you’re not out of luck. If you don’t need to go channel surfing, with a device like the Belkin Miracast™ Display Adapter, you can use compatible apps on your mobile device to cast videos, pictures and other content on your TV.

What do you need to know about Peel Smart Remote?

Peel Smart Remote revolutionizes your home entertainment experience by combining universal remote control and live or streamed TV content discovery into one simple-to-use app. This is the only remote for TV you need.

Is there an APKPure app for Peel remote?

Using APKPure App to upgrade Peel Smart Remote, fast, free and save your internet data. This Remote Changes Everything! Peel Smart Remote revolutionizes your home entertainment experience by combining universal remote control and live or streamed TV listings into one simple-to-use app. This is the only remote and TV guide you need.

What kind of TV remote can Peel replace?

It can replace your Samsung TV remote, LG TV remote, Sony TV remote, Vizio TV remote, Dish remote, DirectTV remote, Apple TV remote and more. Peel supports more than 400,000 devices.

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