What does BCR stand for piercing?

What does BCR stand for piercing?

A captive bead ring (CBR), ball closure ring (BCR), captive hoop, or captive ball ring is a common example of body piercing jewelry.

What is Titanium BCR?

Titanium 2. 4mm Gauge BCR To remove the ball, pull the two ends of the ring apart and the ball will drop out. This titanium ball closure ring (also known as a captive bead ring) is available in a choice of internal diameter sizes between 10mm and 24mm, together with a choice of colours.

How do Captive ball rings work?

When you push the ball into the ring, the pieces retract to allow the ball to fit in place. The rounded ends of the captive bead ring fit into two little dimpled indentations on either side of the captive bead to hold it in place. Tension-style captive rings typically have a gap that’s 1mm smaller than the ball size.

How do you use BCR?

Firmly push the top indent of the bead into the ring opening until you feel it snap into place. If you drop the bead at any time make sure to wash it (and your hands) thoroughly before attempting to replace the bead in the ring. Changing a BCR is a tricky task but with a little practice it can be done.

What is a seamless ring?

Seamless Rings – Seamless rings are a type of captive ring that you can slip in and out of your piercings without having to worry about popping captive beads or segment pieces in and out to complete the rings. If you’d like, we can send you the seamless rings you order sterilized and ready to wear.

What is a fixed bead ring?

Fixed Bead Rings and Seam Rings Unlike captive bead rings—where the bead is held in place by tension—with fixed bead rings the bead is attached (or fixed) to one side of the ring. In order to get the ring open you need to bend it.

What are the different types of septum rings?

In this blog, we’ll give you a rundown of the most popular septum ring styles including septum retainers, captive bead rings, circular barbells, and clickers.

What is BCR application?

Binding corporate rules (BCR) are data protection policies adhered to by companies established in the EU for transfers of personal data outside the EU within a group of undertakings or enterprises.

What is BCR in GDPR?

Also BCRs are defined in GDPR Article 1: “binding corporate rules means personal data protection policies which are adhered to by a controller or processor established on the territory of a Member State for transfers or a set of transfers of personal data to a controller or processor in one or more third countries …

What is a septum clicker?

Septum clickers are simply rings with a hinged segment that can be opened and shut. Pull gently upward on the septum clicker to unlock it, insert it into your septum piercing, and then re-click to close. It’s flexible – Not flexible as in “bendable.” We mean you can wear it in multiple piercings!

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