Who are the finalists for the Vezina Trophy?

Who are the finalists for the Vezina Trophy?

Vezina Trophy: Marc-Andre Fleury Avalanche’s Philipp Grubauer and Tampa Bay’s Andrei Vasilevskiy were finalists for the award.

Who has won the most Vezina Trophies?

Bill Durnan and Dominik Hasek won the Vezina Trophy six times, followed by Ken Dryden with five, and Terry Sawchuk, Martin Brodeur, Michel Larocque and Cecil Ralph “Tiny” Thompson with four. Canadiens goaltenders have won the most Vezina Trophies with 29.

Who got the Vezina Trophy?

Marc-Andre Fleury
After 17 big-league campaigns, three Stanley Cups, and a career year at age 36, Marc-Andre Fleury is a Vezina Trophy winner. The veteran Vegas Golden Knights netminder has been named the winner of the 2021 trophy for the league’s top goaltender, capping off an impressive season from the former Pittsburgh Penguin.

Who won the Venza trophy?

Marc-Andre Fleury wins Vezina Trophy Fleury, who won the award for the first time in his 17-season NHL career, was 26-10-0 and third in the NHL in wins and shutouts (six), and third in goals-against average (1.98) and save percentage (.

Who is nominated for the Vezina Trophy this year?

Marc-André Fleury
Philipp GrubauerAndrei Vasilevskiy
Vezina Trophy/Winners & Nominees

Here is a look at the three finalists: Marc-Andre Fleury, Philipp Grubauer and Andrei Vasilevskiy were named finalists for the Vezina Trophy.

Who won best goalie 2021?

Updated Tue, Jun 29, 2021 (7 p.m.) Marc-Andre Fleury checked the final box of his Hall of Fame resume Tuesday by winning the award that has long eluded him. Fleury, 36, was named the winner of the Vezina Trophy as the league’s top goaltender during the NHL’s award show.

Who won best goalie in the NHL 2021?

Who won NHL playoff MVP?

Andrei Vasilevskiy
Share All sharing options for: Andrei Vasilevskiy wins 2021 Conn Smythe Trophy as MVP of Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Tampa Bay Lightning won their second straight Stanley Cup Trophy on Wednesday evening, finishing off the Montreal Canadiens in five games with a 1-0 win.

Who are the winners of the Vezina Trophy?

Winners of the NHL’s Vezina Trophy, awarded annually to the league’s outstanding goaltender as voted by the league’s general managers. (Before 1982, the trophy was awarded to goaltenders playing in a minimum of 25 games for the team allowing the fewest goals.):

When did the NHL start splitting the Vezina Trophy?

The Vezina continued to be awarded to the goaltender who started the most games for the team that allowed the fewest goals, but the Vezina winners of 1954–55, 1960–61, 1962–63 and 1963–64 did not have the lowest GAAs. The National Hockey League began allowing teammates to split the Vezina Trophy following the 1964–65 NHL season.

How many times did Glenn Hall win the Vezina Trophy?

Glenn Hall, who played for Detroit, Chicago and St. Louis during his career, was voted the First Team All-Star goaltender the most times of any goaltender, seven times, but only won the Vezina Trophy as the goaltender on the team allowing the fewest goals against three times.

When did George Hainsworth win the Vezina Trophy?

It was first awarded at the end of the 1926–27 NHL season to George Hainsworth who had come to Montreal to succeed Vezina. The trophy was accepted by the league at its May 15, 1927 meeting in Montreal. The criteria for winning was variously reported.

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