Who is the writer of Andha Yug?

Who is the writer of Andha Yug?

Dharamvir Bharati
Andha Yug/Playwrights

What is the main theme of Andha Yug?

Themes. Andha Yug highlights the perils of self-enchantment in an anti-war allegory. It explores human capacity for moral action, reconciliation, and goodness in times of atrocity and reveals what happens when individuals succumb to the cruelty and cynicism of a blind, dispirited age.

When was Andha Yug published?

Andha Yug/Originally published

How is Andha Yug relevant to our times?

Ans: Dharamvir Bharati wrote the drama Andha Yug (The Age of Blindness). Andha Yug is a literary work based on The Mahabharata that was first written in Hindi and released in 1954. The Second World War, as well as the devastation that preceded India’s independence in 1947, greatly affected Dharamvir Bharati.

What is the role of chorus in Andha Yug?

The choric songs are arranged between the acts in a style borrowed from the traditions of Indian folk theatre. The chorus is either used to give information about events that are not shown on stage or to underline the poignancy of the action. Sometimes, it also clarifies the symbolic importance of the events.

What does the blindness of Dhritarashtra suggest?

He was born to Vichitravirya’s first wife Ambika. Dhritarashtra was born blind. He fathered one hundred sons and one daughter, Dushala, by his wife, Gandhari and a son, Yuyutsu, by his wife’s maid. Gandhari, his wife, sacrificed her eyesight, as he was blind, by blindfolding herself; hence, she could not see.

Who is Yuyutsu in Andha Yug by Dharamvir Bharati?

Yuyutsu is used as an epitome of that right person who clearly makes a choice between black and white and stands by his choice but in the end becomes a victim of his own chosen side . I think Dharmvir Bharti has done more justice to the character of Yuyutsu than Ved Vyas did .

Which is the Best Book of Dharamvir Bharati?

Dharamvir Bharati (1926–1997), was a renowned Hindi novelist, poet, and playwright. His novels, Gunahon Ka Devta (The God of Sins, 1949) and Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda (The Seventh Horse of the Sun, 1952), are classics of Hindi literature.

Who is the author of Andha Yug play?

Andha Yug ( Hindi: अंधा युग, The Age of Blindness or The Blind Age) is a 1954 verse play written in Hindi, by renowned novelist, poet, and playwright Dharamvir Bharati (1926-1997). It was the first important play of 20th century India.

What is the moral burden of Dharmvir Bharati?

The moral burden of the play is that every act of violence inevitably debases society as a whole. Alok Bhalla’s translation captures the essential tension between the nightmare of self-enchantment, which the story of the Kauravas represents, and the ever-present possibility of finding a way out of the cycle of revenge into a redemptive ethicality.

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