Who is Toru Kazama wife?

Who is Toru Kazama wife?

He is a member of the Kasukabe Defense Organization. It is hinted that Kazama might marry Himawari in the future.

Is Toru Kazama real?

Kazama (風間くんのパパ) is Toru Kazama’s father. His real name is unknown. He is a very good architect. Apparently richer than most of Shin-chan’s friends’ parents, he has traveled abroad several times, and is rarely at home because of it.

Who will Himawari Nohara marry?

It is also said that Himawari marries Kazama when she grows up, thus making it a happy ending.

Who is Kazama in real life?

Jin Kazama
Designed by Yoshinari Mizushima Yūsuke Kozaki (Tekken 7)
Portrayed by Jon Foo (2009 film)
Voiced by show English show Japanese
Motion capture Ryu Narushima

Who is Shinko Chan?

Shinko-chan (しんこちゃん Shinko-chan) is a strange girl from the future with the same facial features as Shin-chan. She has a slightly creepy demeanor, but is the opposite of Shin-chan in many ways as she is tactful, empathetic and sees the good qualities in the people she meets.

How old is Toru Kazama in Funimation?

Toru Kazama (風間 トオル Tōru Kazama) (5 years old), Georgie in the English Funimation dub and Cosmo in the Vitello, Phuuz and Dutch dubs, is Shin-chan ‘s immaculately groomed, rich and perfectly mannered friend and classmate from the sunflower class, who usually loses his nerves and composure with Shin-chan’s antics.

How is Toru Kazama related to Shin chan?

Kazama usually loses his mind when Shin-chan tease him and other things. He also bickers and fight with words with Shin Chan sometimes. Despite this, their friendship is actually pretty close compared to his relationship with any of his other friends.

Who are the shippers of Toru Kazama and Himawari?

Kazama and Himawari have many shippers in the show since she was born, especially Shin-chan who always teases both of them together although he firmly said to Kazama that his parents and him even Shiro won’t agree to their marriage when he saw their affectionate actions to each other. When these two hold hands, they blush.

Who is Kazama’s best friend in Crayon Shin chan?

Even though Kazama always denied when Shin Chan says that he is his most best friend, his best friend is Shin Chan too. Of all Shin’s friends, he’s the only one referred to by his family name (Kazama-kun).

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