Who is Won Bin married to?

Who is Won Bin married to?

Lee Na-youngm. 2015
Won Bin/Spouse

Is Kim Woo Bin still acting?

After a hiatus of two years due to his prolonged battle with nasopharyngeal cancer, Kim Woo Bin now has several projects lined up in his kitty. While he will next appear in the upcoming South Korean film ‘Alien’ with Ryu Jun Yeol and Kim Tae Ri, the actor is in talks about his small-screen comeback as well.

Is uncontrollably fond a happy ending?

Uncontrollably Fond is one of the most popular kdramas of all time. Uncontrollably Fond may have come to an end on September 8, 2016, but fans have still not made peace with its heartbreaking ending. The kdrama had consistent ratings on TV during its run and is known to be one of the most popular shows of all time.

Why did won bin refuse to do CFS?

He ended up rejecting this drama as he felt like he was too burdened with returning to the industry through a drama, even though the script and screenplay was excellent. Through this whole time, Won Bin has only been participating in CF’s, and was most recently spotted filming for another one in May of this year.

When did Won Bin become famous in Korea?

He first gained wide popularity in 2000 after starring in the KBS ‘s television series Autumn in My Heart. One of the most selective actors in the Korean entertainment industry, he has starred in only five films to date, Guns & Talks, Taegukgi, My Brother, Mother and The Man from Nowhere.

Who is the director of the Curious Case of Won Bin?

Directed by Mr. Sunshine PD Jang Young Woo, the 16 episode drama features a woman who remembers her past life after continuously dying and being reincarnated for 600 years, and a man who is immortal for 600 years.

When did Won Bin come back to the screen?

In 1999, Won Bin came back to the screen with a lead role in drama Kwangki from which he was recognized as a promising young actor and a teen heartthrob. He made his big breakthrough in 2000 with drama Tough Guy’s Love ( Kkokji) and Autumn in My Heart.

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